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"A wicked romp through the hallowed halls of academia!"

Laugh out loud at these clever and sexy tales. Academia has never been so naughty!

The university men in Professor Melanie Stevenson’s life pressure her to take her proper place—under them. While the proper professor indulges in daring daydreams of…submitting to their will, her “evil” twin, Violet, takes on the role of academic avenger and cracks the whip, so to speak, to work out the kinks in higher education.

Written by a college professor, this witty series takes a darkly funny look at the neurotic people and politics of higher education. These eight consecutive short stories tell a larger tale with rich characters, escalating stakes, and steamy action.

What Readers are Saying

"Timid Professors, evil twins and a good dose of slightly naughty will have you chuckling over the office water cooler."

"Love this series! Smart, funny, and sexy. Great brain candy!"

"Hot and hillarious!"

"These are awesome. They're over the top enough to be funny but really, really good."

Excerpt from "Spanking the Chair"

“Spanked?” he repeated, his voice cracking. She licked her lips and nodded, knowing she had his full interest now.

“Yes, spanked.” She coiled a lock of hair around her finger, looked down at her own knees. “You know, sometimes I miss that.”

“You miss being spanked?”

“It was so cathartic, you know? A hot hand on my backside, a good wallop, and all the bad was purged out of me. I’d done my penance and could go back to being good again.”

“I don’t know what to say,” he said. Perhaps not, but his thoughts broadcast loud and clear, as he undressed her with his eyes and likely imagined turning her over his knee. So not going to happen.

“Do you feel you need to be punished for what you’ve done?” he asked.

“I know corporal punishment is out of vogue,” she said. “But truly, it could be so therapeutic.” His head bounced like a bobble head as he communicated his willingness to give her what he most desired, him in the role of punisher.

Time to change the game.

She crossed her legs, leaned forward, and dropped her voice to a husky whisper. “Have you ever been spanked, Simon?"

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July 29
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