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A Café Lover's Tokyo is a guide book listing the most interesting coffee shops and tea houses in the metropolitan Tokyo.A Café Lover's Tokyo is a guide book listing the most interesting coffee shops and tea houses in the metropolitan Tokyo.

Do you love spending quality time in a carefully decorated café environment? Perhaps you expect to be served a perfect cup of espresso or traditionally made green tea? If you’re travelling to Tokyo and want to spend your free time wisely only in carefully selected coffee houses, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Surrounded by greenery: Plants, terraces, flower arrangements, and organic eats
When interior matters: Photogenic, carefully designed café decors or interesting architecture
Japanese experiences: Traditional atmosphere, Japanese architecture, and local cuisine
The dessert paradises: Cafés for those who love their cakes, pastries, puddings, and other sweets

Shibuya: Shibuya station, Daikanyama, Naka-Meguro, Sangenjaya, Harajuku, Omotesando
Shinjuku & Toshima areas: Shinjuku station area, Ikebukuro, Mejiro
Taito & Chuo areas: Asakusa, Nihonbashi, Kagurazaka

20 carefully selected cafés
Guidance about Japanese manners, café etiquette, and things that are good to know before you travel to Japan for the first time
Full-colour photography
Content that is fun to browse through on a plane or when you're already at the destination
Cafés listed by genres and by location to suit different tastes and needs
Ready-made café tours for photographers, for experiencing Japanese culture, or for foodies willing to try something new and local
Visual e-book design

Liisa Stenberg is a Finnish author and designer who has studied, lived, and travelled in Japan. She often spends a month of her summer holiday touring the different islands of Japan or spending time in her former home town Tokyo. Stenberg's first guide book about living and studying in Japan (Vuosi Japanissa, "A year in Japan") was published in Finland in 2011. A Café Lover's Tokyo is the first book in Stenberg's self-published Riidesign Books travel guide book series.

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February 23
Liisa Stenberg
Liisa Stenberg