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In the highly acclaimed bestselling A Call to Action, President Jimmy Carter addresses the world’s most serious, pervasive, and ignored violation of basic human rights: the ongoing discrimination and violence against women and girls.

President Carter was encouraged to write this book by a wide coalition of leaders of all faiths. His urgent report covers a system of discrimination that extends to every nation. Women are deprived of equal opportunity in wealthier nations and “owned” by men in others, forced to suffer servitude, child marriage, and genital cutting. The most vulnerable and their children are trapped in war and violence.

A Call to Action addresses the suffering inflicted upon women by a false interpretation of carefully selected religious texts and a growing tolerance of violence and warfare. Key verses are often omitted or quoted out of context by male religious leaders to exalt the status of men and exclude women. And in nations that accept or even glorify violence, this perceived inequality becomes the basis for abuse.

Carter draws upon his own experiences and the testimony of courageous women from all regions and all major religions to demonstrate that women around the world, more than half of all human beings, are being denied equal rights. This is an informed and passionate charge about a devastating effect on economic prosperity and unconscionable human suffering. It affects us all.

March 25
Simon & Schuster

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PastorLLG ,

Men and Women

Just finished the chapters on his Biblical ideology. He gives a social defense for a doctrinal issue. He never deals with the actual problem scriptures. You can't just chalk it up to setting of the culture at the time of the writing because where will that end? If one portion of the Bible has errors then all areas are suspect. Yes, any man in his right mind knows that men and women are created equal and there are plenty of Biblical proofs both old and new to support this. The problem he has deals with headship. If there is no structure in the church it contradicts the structure of the Godhead. If there is no structure in the family it contradicts the structure of the Church. The union of man and woman is like the union of Christ and His Church 1 Cor 11:11-12. There must be an inspired order. The congregation voted me in 79 to 1 and I would say that is a majority. I am grown and Bible literate, I have managed more than 13 million annually and have had 60 full time employees. I think I can handle a church by myself. But that is not the Biblical order! I must follow Christ if I expect people to follow me. I cannot claim that I have the right to lead because I am educated and experienced, without contradicting the order that God has laid down for his Church. Jesus is the head and will always be the head. I may not like being called the bride and it may not fit my male bias but we are the bride and He is the Bridegroom. Genesis 1 sets the order of the family and it has never changed. Even when Eve sinned God puts the blame squarely on Adam. Why? Because he is the head of that union. Jesus and the Father are one and yet The Father did not die for our sins, Jesus did. Jesus did not take on the duties or role of the Holy Ghost, but he left earth to allow His Spirit to do His work. The Father, The Son and The Spirit are equal but each person of the Godhead has a specific office or duty. Men and women are equal but have specific duties as it relates to marriage and the church. The Bible does not attempt to regulate the world and it's social norms and moral norms it only gives instruction for the Church. And the Church should be a light to the world. We should be salt and the world should look to us for the example not the other way around. Thanks for a great read! He has over 30 books and I never read his work before. He is a great author and humanitarian!

Larry Grant
Senior Pastor Briarchase Church of Missouri City, Texas

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