#3 - A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology

A Campsite of Culprits

Verena DeLuca and Others
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Made in the Woods by Babs Emodi
Not anyone can run a bridal dressmaking business from a campground picnic table but Hazel Rollings does just that. The question is, can she solve a mystery too? With her business, her family's reputation, and a wedding on the line she has to. Can this seamstress from Nova Scotia find her way around Austin Texas fast enough to solve a crime, or will a clever opponent force her to pack up her scissors and thread and head back home in defeat?

Bushwhacking & Backstabbing by Brittany E. Brinegar
Becky Robinson intended to spend her long weekend learning to camp, hike, and fish - all that outdoorsy stuff. But the relaxing getaway filled with sore feet and bug bites is interrupted when she stumbles over a man with amnesia lost in the woods. Rather than a trip to the hospital, the man insists she locate his missing duffle bag. Does Becky believe his farfetched story? Or is something more sinister at play?

Marshmallows and Missing Hounds by Rune Stroud
Autumn and her raven familiar, Simon, are camping when a call for help comes in. They head into the woods to help an old friend find a missing pet. Simon uses the opportunity to earn extra marshmallows, his new favorite treat.

Bones of Contention by Sydney Blake
A murder among bones. . .
Dr. Charlotte "Charly" Banks and her team are on a dinosaur dig in a remote area of Wyoming when one of the professors is murdered. As the evidence mounts against her best friend and colleague, Laura Jensen, Charly is on the case. Determined to exonerate Laura, she uncovers evidence that one of four dedicated and hard-working graduate students may be a murderer.
It's up to Charly to set a trap and expose the real killer.

A Grim Inheritance by Kathryn Mykel
Halloween costumes and a Woodstock-like event. Can Detective Lawson unmask a killer in this Grim tale?
Social butterflies, lumberjacks and an internet full of amateur sleuths have a lot in common:
what happens in Wicked Woods…ends up on SmirkBook.
Read A Grim Inheritance today to find out what the detective and his two sidekicks discover at the annual Haunted Halloween Camp Out.

Demise Under the Skies by Patty Joy
Kelly Green's first time as a state park camp host is off to a rocky start. A Tattletale is damaging the reputation and has roped Kelly into doing his dirty work. Can she figure out who it is before someone does some final damage?

Azure and the case of the Clueless Hiker by Verena DeLuca
I'm going to level with you human—camping is the worst! This dragon will never sugar coat the truth.
You may find yourself asking, why would I torture myself with camping for a second time?
Well, the bonding experience makes us dragons unusually weak to the desires of our protectors.
Join me as I take part in a laughable search for a lost teen hiker.
I promise it will be worth the read.

Unfriendly Persuasion by Hillari DeSchane
Hannah MacLamore's upscale horse camping expeditions offer the 'Four Cs'—cowboying, camping, comfort, and cognac.
On this trip, someone just added a fifth 'C'—for corpse.
Carson Cornwell, billionaire real estate developer, has fixed his sites on the ranch.
Hannah's desperate ploy: take him horse camping to see the beauty his development would destroy.
When he's found dead, Hannah must use all her ingenuity and some real horse sense to corral the real killer to protect the innocent—including herself!
Little does she know she'll get some help from the most unlikely sources—her faithful horses and her courageous dog.

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May 1
Aconite Cafe
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