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RMIT Classification: Trusted

“A Certain Beauty in Un-Resolution” is Rich McLean’s creative opus which launches us into his aesthetic and affective worlds with the words “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.” I don’t know any viewer/readers who would not find themselves in those words and in the images that follow. McLean’s evocative drawings, paintings, digital media and multimodal artworks breathe with a life well-lived, a life immersed in the messiness, joy and heartache of contemporary urban culture.

The sheer range of styles, colours, forms, and subjects over these vibrant 232 pages is a visual journey through the viscera of everyday life. Each page heaves with life. I highly recommend this compendium to anyone interested in the arts, wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning/becoming.”

Anne Harris

Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University

Director, Creative Agency research lab www.creativeresearchhub.com

'A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution…’ART;’  is the stunningly ineffable & prolific visual portfolio of the traditional artist & digital illustrator: Rich McLean.

An autoethnographic and autobiographical narrative, it encompasses over two decades of passionate image making, from traditional urban and city landscapes of his native antipodean Melbourne to stunning digital illustrations, including hybrid works that combine both methods effortlessly.

This book, bereft of the written word beholds a rich array of images across multiple symbolic narratives, emotional and spiritually rich dimensions and physical locations, thrilling and delighting the committed art connoisseur and layperson alike.

This iBook represents an authoritative command of the visual language of graphic, illustrative and traditional drawing genres.  McLean’s practical work ethic over his life is formidable and unyielding, so evident within these invigorated plates.

This is a collection of original inventiveness to be rightfully acknowledged and lovingly celebrated. It is of interest to those studying traditional drawing, illustration, news graphics illustration and even arts therapy and spirituality in art.

Rich McLean is a human-rights awarded author, a past illustrator of ‘The Age’ newspaper, a children’s book illustrator, has been a practising artist nationally and internationally for over two decades and is studying his Doctor of Philosophy at Victoria University, Melbourne.


If you look closely you will see the evolution of the concepts for his dissertation; a doctorate exploring the ethics of being human in a posthuman world.

A visual feast for the soul.

    Arts & Entertainment
    January 26
    Shaman Sounds
    RICHARD MCLEAN 1929043129
    Grades 12-13

    Customer Reviews

    Aspherium ,

    Blue Like Jazz

    I am very impressed with the range of visual manipulation. I’ve never taken art appreciation. so take my very subjective opinions with a grain of salt. Being a musician I relate everything to music. In particular I liked the work on pg.10 in that it reminds me of the only lyrics Robert Fripp (founder of King Crimson) every wrote for the group in 40+ years of existence.

    Cigarrettes, Ice Cream
    Of the Virgin Mary

    -King Crimson ’The Great Deceiver’ [CHORUS]

    Fripp says the lyric is inspired by a trip to Vatican City. The rest of the somewhat controversial lyrics are provided by the late John Wetton.

    I won’t try to put on any aires, with any half-baked, non-sense critiques; other than to say your meta-evaluation of "un-resolution" makes sense to me now.. reminds me of the trope about writing: “Show don’t tell.”

    Apropos writing: “Blue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality” by Donald Miller captures a similar essence of Christianity thematically as is present in the McLeans’

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