A Chance to Change

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Discover a touching tale of love, faith, and rediscovery as Sam and Nicole embark on a path of renewal with their family guided by the Millers' family extraordinary example.

In the picturesque life of the Richardson family, happiness seemed to overflow.

Sam and Nicole had a harmonious marriage, well-adjusted children, and affluence that allowed them to indulge in life's luxuries, and enchanting vacations in exotic destinations made them the envy of friends and neighbors.

Yet, hidden beneath the surface, Nicole sensed a void in her heart. The latest trip from Mexico only intensified her feeling that something vital had slipped away from their once unshakable family bond. 

Sam, on the other hand, dismissed her concerns as natural apprehensions that come with time—believing that as their kids grow up, life would find a calmer pace. 

A chance encounter with the Millers, a family much like their own but with an unshakable connection to each other and their faith in God, opens Sam's eyes to the missing piece in their lives. 

It takes a jolting accident involving their son to push Sam and Nicole to seek the guidance they need. 

Will the Millers prove to be the catalyst that leads them back to each other as a family and rekindles their spiritual journey through Christ? 


A Must-Read Christian Parenting Fiction for Families

At the heart of this captivating Christian family fiction book lies the compelling narrative which many Christian families will find relatable. Yet, beneath the surface, a profound second layer emerges, emphasizing the significance of surrounding yourself with kindred spirits within your community. 

As you delve into these pages, you'll uncover the powerful theme of meaningful connections that may have been absent from your life, leaving you yearning for a close-knit Christian community and the profound family friendships that blossom among the characters through their mentoring relationships. 

As the story unfolds, you'll find yourself craving the genuine bonds and camaraderie depicted in the book. The desire for such enriching connections becomes your soul's longing, resonating with the hope that one day, in God's perfect timing, these cherished connections will be graciously provided. 

* Read an enchanting and relatable story that is both engaging and enjoyable, offering a nonjudgmental perspective.
* Dive into a heartwarming tale that illuminates the path to a family life filled with joy, focus, and connection.
* Through its captivating narrative, you'll find inspiration to draw nearer to God, fostering a deeper sense of spiritual closeness within your own family.

Discover the beauty of intertwining lives, the power of mentorship, and the potential for life-changing relationships that await on the horizon. 

Go up and grab your ‘A Chance to Change’ copy and enjoy this poignant and relatable tale of love, faith, and self-discovery that will resonate with anyone seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling family life.

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June 30
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