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Lisette Beaucaire was angry when her parents sent her away from Paris that September day in 1940. And although she knew that with the Nazis occupying the city she'd be safer at her Aunt Josephine's farm in the Dordogne valley, Lisette resented her "exile." She'd miss her friends and the excitement of being thirteen and starting a new school. Instead she'd have nothing to do but amuse her little cousin Cecile. That's what Lisette thought, but she soon found out that she wasn't the only visitor at the farmhouse. And then she encountered Gerard, a visitor from a long time ago, who proved to be a valiant ally at a crucial moment for the people who lived in the farmhouse.

Young Adult
September 3
HMH Books
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
Grades 5-7

Customer Reviews

do_ma_mi ,


This is easily one of the best modern books for young people out there. The author is very articulate in describing emotions and there isn't a single boring chapter in the whole book. It is a clean, sound plot with no artificiality. It's throughly believable. It's exciting. It's an excellent book.

~Best15692~ ,

This book was dumb

This book was so stupid. The book is realistic until they drop a ghost into the story, just so the author could tell the story of the Knights Templar. That could have been good, but then basically all the information about then is smashed into one chapter. Also, the main character gives me no reason to like her. She’s the oldest out all the children, so she is told by her aunt to be some sort of leader, yet she slips away from them as much as she can. She also takes food from the family so she can give it to the ghost. Oh right, the ghost becomes a physical human, even though he’s been dead for centuries. No explanation is given for this, and even though this book is supposed to have a mystical element to it, that pushes the line. The ghost is also described as “handsome,” according to the main character, but isn’t he supposed to be like 20? I just thought that was kinda weird. Also weird why he looks different ages to people he meets. Therefore this book is not that good and I would not recommend it.

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