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These hardworking cowboys give everyone a second chance…

When single mom Jessica Cook is at the end of her rope, she takes her 16-year-old daughter to Turn Around Ranch. The ranch has a great reputation for teen therapy, and Jessica prays there’s room there for her and Chloe.

Wade Dawson’s first priority is to keep the ranch afloat to help teens and their families. But he can’t seem to keep his boundaries when it comes to Jessica—she’s talked her way into a job on the ranch so she can stay near her daughter and her tenacity and courage are truly impressive. Not to mention she’s a natural beauty and sparks fly whenever he’s in her vicinity.

But as one crisis after another befalls the ranch, Wade is going to have to decide whether he can afford to let a woman get under his skin...

December 31
Sourcebooks, Inc
Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

777sails ,

A Cowboy Never Quits

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

WOW! This book just blew me away! I adored the quick wit and snarky comebacks of Jessica Cook. This book had my emotions on a roller-coaster of a ride. I was laughing so hard at times that the hubby would give me "the look". Then there were times that I was crying my eyes out. This book was just one that I wanted to linger over. There were sections that I did re-read a couple of times, they were just that good.

Jessica is a single mom to Chloe. Jessica was a young 16 when she had Chloe. This two weren't just mother and daughter but best friends as well. At least, until Chloe falls into the "wrong crowd" with the bad boy boy-friend. After picking her 15 year old daughter up from jail for a joy-riding stint in a stolen car with said boy-friend, Jessica packs her daughter up and takes her to Turn Around Ranch. The ranch specializes in troubles kids and helps to turn them around. Unfortunately for Jessica, the ranch is full and it is over her limited budget. BUT fortunately the ranch is looking for a cook and Jessica said she would volunteer if they would make the exception and accept Chloe into their program. Now if only Jessica could cook!

Wade Dawson is the oldest son and the sternest cowboy. He has to keep his "bleeding heart" family in check. Rules are rules for a reason. Wade has been hurt before. He doesn't believe in exceptions to the rules. He turns Jessica and Chloe away until Jessica mentions she can cook. Wade knows Jessica is trouble with a capital "T"! But the ranch needs a cook. The job formerly belonged to his ma but she is recovering from an illness and the doctor's orders stress a less stressful life and not being on her feet all the time. Now let the fun begin!

This book is one that I would definitely be re-reading again and again. It was written in a multiple POV format. We not only get Jessica and Wade but Chloe and Aiden (Wade's adopted brother).

This is a slightly sexy read. It is not truly clean but the way those scenes were written, they highly glossed over details (at least to me that is.) On that note, as I don't want to offend any parents of young children, I would only HIGHLY recommend this to anyone OVER the age of 18. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. There are a LOT of Dawsons to go through and I can't wait!

quarantinereading2020 ,

Great Read!

Loved the storyline, full of love, compassion and hope. Checked all the boxes! Need more!

Laura__F ,

Turn Around!!

Turn Around Ranch is such an amazing place that I can't wait to visit again!!

I loved how determined Jess was to help her daughter and was willing to do whatever it takes and make any sacrifice to make it happen. Wade, while seeming to just be gruff and unyielding, has the warmest heart and kindest spirit.

I loved watching the kids get the help they all needed in this peaceful place. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back to Turn Around!!

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