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Just because something can go wrong, that doesn’t mean it should.

Jada Stanton and several other travelers are caught in the flash blizzard of the decade in the middle of Where, exactly? Montana.

Dr. Bretton Heathrow left behind a few bad memories to make his dream come true. Stranded motorists are the last thing he expects at dark-thirty in the morning. But one bright shining star may make the near-disaster a worthwhile inconvenience.

Like the blizzard, Jada Stanton is the one he never saw coming.

(Christian Romance)

**Friend and fellow writer, Jackie Zack, more or less issued a challenge, "wondered if you'd like to write a Christmas novella." With only four weeks on the calendar, what's a girl to do?

Fiction & Literature
December 22
Rena Manse
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Iampatrice ,

A crazy little winter vacay

”realistic and relatable”

I really enjoyed this story. I had trouble, though, with some of the details. The author uses the term, ”non-colored men”.
It is a misnomer. Is everyone non-colored except Black people? Are Black people considered ”colored” which is an archaic term now considered an insult? The story is marketed as ”BW/WM”. What was wrong with referring to Brett as White? Finally, wyy refer to Jada Maude as Black, but refer to Brett as non-colored?

Be brave. Be ”realistic and relatable”.

68jiggy ,

Trust Exposed

It was refreshing to see the banter which exuded between the hero, Bret Heathrow and the heroine, Jada. Both with backgrounds of mistrust find an attraction which blossoms into a flourishing relationship!!!

Penn2 ,

Loved, loved, loved it

Oh my goodness, this book was so sweet and romantic. You could feel the chemistry between Brett & Jada. The progression of their relationship felt genuine even though it was quick....hey when you know you know....and it's God's plan. The Christian foundation of their relationship just made it that much more sweet. The characters were relatable and very likable.
Perfect read...thank you so much.
I'd recommend this book to everyone.

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