A Creative Rebel's Guide To Writing Amazing Fiction

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Creative Flow has blessed me with 39 novels that have collectively sold over five million copies,

in 16 languages, in under 8 years, earning me over $10 million and over 50 spots on The New

York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and foreign bestselling lists.

All of my dreams came true because I learned to write amazing fiction.

I wrote this book for the old me. The girl who had big dreams, but no real idea how to write the

books she’d need to make those big dreams come true. I wanted to make it easier for her to get to

where I am now by sharing what I learned along the way. I wanted her to be able to leap over the

pitfalls where I stumbled, avoid the challenges that held me back, and glide past the emotional

despair, mental anguish, and burnout I faced.

I wrote this book because my readers said that no one else writes books like me, and I thought…

well, I bet I can teach some people how and humanity could benefit from better books being


Ultimately though, I wrote this book because it was fun, and I enjoyed writing it immensely.

I hope you love it and that it helps you on your creative journey. I hope all of your dreams come

true because you learn to write amazing fiction. Don’t ever underestimate where it can take you.



Health, Mind & Body
March 28
Meghan March LLC
Meghan March LLC

Customer Reviews

JME319 ,

A true helpful guide…

I don’t think I have ever taken so many notes from a book. This was extremely helpful, easy to understand and gave me so much insight. It was like the book was talking directly to me providing me with answers to all my questions and even ones I wouldn’t think to ask. It provided guidance and advice like a friend. I am so grateful for this book. It was exactly what it promised. Thanks Meggan!!!

Wendy LeGrand ,

Lots of valuable info inside!

I really wanted to read this book because I have been slowly working on writing a story over the past few years. I’ve made it to about 25,000 words and have hit a stumbling block. For so long this idea has been ruminating in the back of my mind and I finally sat down and started writing. I got the prologue done very quickly and then started writing, knowing exactly what happens with the two main characters. I know how their story starts, what their history is, and how this book ends, but about the time I got to the 25,000 word mark, I ran out of steam. I don’t know what happens in the middle. What transpires in the story between these characters in that middle section before we get to the climactic conclusion? I’m stumped. So when Meghan announced she was releasing this book on how she writes her stories and she was going to impart her wisdom on the world, I needed to read it. Maybe she could help me with tips or tricks on how to navigate this middle that is giving me so much trouble.

Once I started reading, it became obvious quickly that a couple of things were going to happen. I was going to take a lot of really good pointers away with me when I finished reading, but before I got to that point, I was going to be completely overwhelmed. I don’t type that sentence to freak any aspiring authors out, I just know based on my personality and way of thinking, I am going to need to proceed very slowly and parcel out all the info I’m highlighting and digest it little by little so that I don’t just try to ingest this data dump and sink my story before I even get going again.

It's clear to me that Meghan knows what she’s talking about. She’s written 39 (or 40) books now, so she’s traveled the block quite a few times. And she has a great deal of really good points and advice for people who have kicked around the idea of writing a story. And to be perfectly honest, based on what she’s laid out, I have no clue how any author who is a pantser, which I totally am apparently, manages to get a book finished and released. There is just so much that goes into every aspect of a book. I had no idea, really, and I have been reading my entire life.

I could keep talking about SO many points and tips from this book, but here’s my two cents: if you’re a reader who just wants to know what an author goes through when writing a book, this will be a really interesting read for you. If you’re an author who has been struggling, or you are an aspiring author who hasn’t started yet but has had an idea ruminating in your head, you definitely need to read this. If you’re like me, someone who has a number of words typed but now find yourself struggling to get to the next point, I found this a fascinating read. I bet I highlighted over half of the book. Now, having said that, there are countless authors who I have seen release their own practices on how they go about writing their books, and I firmly believe they have a ton of very valuable information to share with everyone also. There is no one tried and true formula that will work for every single person. Other authors may read this book and not agree with some or all of what is presented here. My plan is to research lots of them and glean what I can out of each one.

Will I drop everything to apply what I’ve learned here to my book? Probably not, there’s a lot of outside things going on that don’t allow me to focus solely on my story. But I know I’m looking at my manuscript with fresh eyes now, and I am really excited to apply the building blocks of great fiction. GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict. I think this is what I have been missing and why I can’t figure out the middle of my book. My characters lack these three things. So, I’ll be spending my time working on these. This is going to be fun! Good thing I have no deadlines…

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” ~Victor Hugo

Do you have an idea for an amazing fiction story? Now is as good a time as any to get started!

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