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China emerged as a major economic, diplomatic, and military power during the critical decade from 2008 to 2018. As a result, China's foreign policy has become more active and dynamic. This book provides a unique perspective to understand Chinese foreign policy during this decade by examining continuities and changes in both internal and external factors that have shaped China's development. The book focuses on key challenges in China's diplomacy such as US-China relations, the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, Japan, India, Chinese investment overseas, the Belt and Road Initiative, global and regional cooperation, soft power, etc. It also includes an extensive annotated bibliography of major recent publications on various aspects of Chinese foreign policy. This is the first scholarly book that studies the evolution and key challenges of China's foreign relations during the critical decade (2008–2018) when China grew into a crucial, sometimes assertive, power in international affairs.
Contents: PrefaceAbout the AuthorChronology: Major Events Related to China's Foreign Relations (2000–2018)Part I: Overview:Chinese Foreign Policy in a Rapidly Changing World: An IntroductionChinese Foreign Policy: A Bibliographical ReviewPart II: Selected Essays on Chinese Foreign Policy Relations (2008–2018):US–China RelationsThe Korean PeninsulaChina's Relations with India and JapanThe Taiwan IssueGlobal and Regional CooperationPart III: Challenges and Prospects:Geostrategic Challenges of the Belt and Road InitiativeGoing Global 2.0: China's Growing Investment in the West and Its ImpactPitfalls in China's Soft Power PromotionIndex
Readership: Academics, professionals, policy-makers and students interested in China's foreign policy, US-China relations, the Korean Peninsula, the Belt and Road Initiative, China's soft power.Chinese Foreign Policy;US–China Relations;Soft Power;The Belt and Road Initiative;Chinese Investment;The Korean Peninsula;China and Global Governance00

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