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Devon Lancaster is fascinated by the beautiful vicar’s daughter, Jane Hawkins, who has been summoned to the will reading of the late Lord Banfield. But is she truly only a vicar’s daughter? Or does her past hold secrets that put her very life in danger?

Jane knows she is unlikely to find a husband among the handsome men at Castle Keyvnor because of her poverty. But when she is locked in the wine cellar with Devon, she finds that the Devil of Lancaster sets her blood on fire. She’s afraid to surrender to his touch for fear of being abandoned.

But one meddling ghost just might make a match between two reluctant lovers who are destined to be together…

September 20
Michelle Willingham
Michelle Leonard

Customer Reviews

KatarinaArt ,

A Dance with the Devil

Very sweet story of Jane Hawkins and Devon Lancaster. Jane, the only child of a vicar, has little to offer by way of dowry to a future mate. She is persuaded by her friend to go with her to the reading of the Will of the late Lord Banfield. While at the Castle Keyvnor Jane meets Devon Lancaster, known as the devil of Lancaster. Devon, looking for a wealthy wife, is extremely attracted to Jane. Along with a little “other-worldly” help the two discover their undeniable attraction to one another. Will Jane's lack of dowry come between them or will the mysteries that lay beneath the surface of the castles scary surface bring a happy surprise to their future? This gratifying but short drama was originally released as part of the Bedeviled Anthology. Michelle Willingham has a wonderful way with a story using unconventional pathways to bring us to a delightful end. - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I am so happy I did.

ckempfe ,

A Dance with the Devil

First, I want to mention that I received a free copy of "A Dance with the Devil", in exchange for an honest review.

Second, I love all of Michelle Willingham's books. Regardless, if they are a short format or longer. "A Dance with the Devil", is a novella, perfect for a quick read. Michelle's books, always hit an emotional high for me. I never have a dry eye reading her work. Her love scenes are sensual, loving and simply hot.

"A Dance with the Devil", is a fast paced love story about Jane Hawkins, a vicar's daughter. As well as, Devon Lancaster, an untitled gentleman. Jane's best friend Marjorie, has insisted, that she accompanying her to Castle Keyvnor, for the reading of the late Earl of Banefield's will.

Jane feels out of place, being amongst people above her station. She meets Devon, during her arrival at Castle Keyvnor. They have an instant connection, with the help of a love matching ghost, named Benedict. Devon needs to marry an heiress, while Jane, wants to marry someone whose her equal.

Jane discovers, that she's the late Earls bastard daughter, and set to inherit an unknown amount.
She's all out of sorts, and confides in Devon. He listens to her concerns, as they embark on a steamy, passionate love affair.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it was a quick read. I loved both of the main characters and how they tried to stay true to their beliefs. Both Jane and Devon are very likable and sincere. Having Benedict, the ghost as a matchmaker, was a nice added touch. I highly recommend, adding this book to your reading list...

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