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“You will marry me, Miss Jamison...in two days.”

Leah Jamison is too practical to expect a romantic proposal from a man she only just met, but even she is shocked by the bold command issued by the darkly handsome Richard Wexton, Duke of St. Austin. Why the nobleman wishes to wed her and how her father brought about the match, Leah cannot imagine, yet the moment Richard takes her into his arms, undeniable passion flares between them. But Leah senses a darkness in Richard, and lingering wounds from a past betrayal that haunt him still. She vows she will heal his heart and win his love—and no one will stop her.

As the spare heir, no one paid much attention to Richard and his affairs, but when life makes him a duke, he becomes the most sought after bachelor in London. That is, until a scheming miller discovers Richard’s darkest secrets, which he threatens to reveal…unless Richard marries the man’s daughter. Outraged, yet desperate to protect those he holds dear, Richard weds the lovely Leah, and vows to banish his unwanted bride the moment they leave the altar. But Richard’s anger quickly dissolves into desire…and passionate love. Now the greater danger he faces comes not from his enemies, but from his yearning to yield the secrets of his heart into Leah’s safekeeping. 

Praise for A Dangerous Man

A Dangerous Man is a beautifully crafted story of unyielding passions, societal influences, and family scandals. Janmarie Anello is at the top of her game with this memorable love story.” —Affaire de Coeur

A Dangerous Man titillates the senses with the promise of scandal and the passion of blossoming love. This is a fantastic read that was hard to put down.” —FreshFiction.com

“A Dangerous Man by Janmarie Anello is another emotionally charged romance filled with suspense and drama from this wonderful writer…this book was filled with romance, love and the added spice of hidden enemies. I really loved this book and recommend this to everyone who enjoys their historical romances mixed with a touch of intrigue.” —RomanceJunkies.com

“Don’t miss this riveting book.” —Rakehell.com

A Dangerous Man/Janmarie Anello—Second Edition. September 2015

Previous Publication History: originally published by Kensington Publishing Corp. May 2008

September 22
JMA Books, LLC
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Best Ever

I could not put it down it the best of the best so many twists 100 stars

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