A Dangerous Temptation

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Ruined by scandal, Julianna has hidden away in the country for the last few years hoping her indiscretion will eventually fade from the memory of society. Yes, she’s been lonely at times, but she’s content enough to follow her own rules. And when that bothersome nagging sensation that she’s missing something more flares, she’s able to shove it aside and focus on her friends, family and her true passion…painting. Until James arrives. James is arrogant, demanding and makes her believe that anything is possible, even a second chance at love. But is James the man he pretends to be?

James always gets what he wants, and he wants marriage to a woman who will honor and more importantly, obey. The problem is when he meets Julianna, while he’s bathing nude no less, he suddenly starts to question his carefully constructed plans. Bold and daring, Julianna is the very opposite of a meek, obedient wife. He certainly doesn’t need any more scandal; his family has had quite enough. And having an affair with Julianna would definitely bring scandal. The problem is he can’t seem to get her out of his head. But is she truly the sweet country girl she portrays herself to be, or a conniving fortune hunter out to trap him into marriage?

A Dangerous Temptation
A Dangerous Deception

December 23
L.R. Olson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

ks cook ,

Great Read

Usually find books this long get boring and repetitive but this stayed on a storyline with interesting twists and turns. The story had troubled characters but they didn’t digress to sounding like victims.
Thanks for a good read.

My Passion Is Reading ,


I liked the story, however, I almost quit reading the book several times. There were way too many slow spots in the book. Some areas of the book drug on and on. It really ruined the flow of the story.

geekswife08 ,

Gets better by the page!

I absolutely love this book! I was a little nervous because one review indicated that the story just dropped off, but that’s not exactly the case. It ends on the perfect note, it’s just that you still want more from these characters by the time you get to the end. Admittedly when I realized who his fiancé was, I started to get nervous about how this book would go, but the author did a great job with the situation. Also, she pulls off a very rare first person viewpoint in a historic novel. Well done!! Every page continued to build, and I absolutely fell in love with both of these characters and their story. I felt like this almost had a beauty and the beast element, with him being so hard and lashing out at her and everything around him, and yet he doesn’t realize that he has fallen absolutely in love with her and can’t help but take care of her along the way. In fact, I felt like the story was influenced by several famous tales, but only in the best ways. By the end, I cherished the scenes between the two as much as they cherished each other. Although I think they’re long overdue for some peace and quiet, I really would love to read more about these two and their love for each other!

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