A Day in the Darkness

(Shakespeare's Candle - A Light for All Ages)

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    • $9.99

Publisher Description

Gatt killed her husband, now she wants to kill him! But she must beat a savage street gang to the punch!

This is one of the most unique and absorbing crime novels in decades. Our favorite PI, Kalen Gatt, is driving Dayton Ohio’s Chief of Police home from his retirement party when the Chief elects to respond to a dispatch to a murder scene. They find a mother with a three-year old boy asleep on her shoulder. Kale is immediately smitten by her exceptional beauty. He vows to help Vickie through her ordeal and gets her a job in the DA’s office. Some years later, he chaperones her and her difficult son, Junebug, to the Smokey Mountains where she is the keynote speaker at a Protect America’s Wildlife convention. Instead of an erotic tryst, she is raped by a local and Kale ends up killing both him and his best friend. Kale and Bug are shocked when she runs, not into the arms of her heroes but to the corpse of the rapist. Kale remains deeply in love with her but their relationship suffers immensely. Junebug grows to hate her and becomes entrenched in a hoodlum gang. He does time in juvenile detention where the young genius learns about the numbers racket. The way he runs the organization would make Al Capone jealous. Frequent murders baffle the cops and Kale’s office is hired to investigate the killings. He discovers that Bug’s gang is responsible. A plan is devised to round up the gang but, again, Vickie gets more involved than she should … and her actions bring the novel to its tragic end.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 15
R. M. Kidwell
Roscoe M. Kidwell

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