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The Chinese believe world domination is their destiny. To cripple the West, they’ve armed Islamic terrorists with tactical nuclear weapons. One already has been used to destroy the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the surrounding town. The terrorists have moved the remaining weapons to a point just over the border in Mexico and plan to smuggle them into major American cities within days. 

To avoid the widespread panic that public knowledge of the situation would cause, the president of the United States turns to a secretive paramilitary group known as the Sleeping Dogs. Its members share a rare genetic attribute that makes them the world’s deadliest hunter-killer black ops team. They also are highly dysfunctional. Their leader, Brendan Whelan, has a marital crisis on his hands. Their handler, Cliff Levell, is being held incommunicado in jail for contempt of a grand jury. And a traitor within the administration is leaking vital security information to a treacherous entity supporting the terrorists. Compounding the threat, that entity has recruited a group of killers with the same rare genetic attribute as the members of the Sleeping Dogs. Their purpose is to eliminate the Dogs. 

Time is critical and Whelan and the Sleeping Dogs face their most dangerous challenge yet.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 21
The Falbey Group, LLC
John Wayne Falbey

Customer Reviews

Bavarian Hillbilly ,

A deadlier Breed

Thank you Mr. Falbey for another great book. Your storyline about genetic protagonists is great. The humor with Rafe is entertaining and Nick Stenson and Liam Stone are my two favorite "dogs".
Folks; if you haven't read the other "sleeping dogs" books, gobble them up for a great ride.
If you enjoy Jack Carr, Ward Larsen, Tom Wood you will enjoy John Wayne Falbey.

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