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Stephanie Melendez, a thirty-year-old divorcee, is thrust onto the dating scene after her husband, Harold Stifniple, leaves her for his secretary, Suzie the Floozy. From that point on, it’s all unrestrained mayhem. Follow Stephanie on one zany dating adventure after another as she struggles to manage her life as a waitress, a student trying to get ahead, and a single woman dating in Los Angeles. With the help of her best friends, Shelby, Candy and Lance, Stephanie attempts to make sense of men while she weeds through a string of dating disasters looking for Mr. Right.

Chapter A is titled Adios. As her first post-divorce conquest, Stephanie immerses herself in a passionate sexual dalliance with Antonio, a twenty-year-old dishwasher at McKee’s, her place of employment. In addition to washing dishes, Antonio also cleans the restaurant after closing time. Stephanie engages in several middle of the night rendezvous with him, making love all over the restaurant, including their meeting place, the dishwasher bay. At first, Stephanie is basking in the opportunity to exercise her over active libido with her young lover, and things seem perfect, until Antonio proposes marriage after only a short while. Stephanie, enjoying her new single life and seeing through Antonio’s transparent quest to become a citizen, promptly tells him adios. After that, Stephanie encounters a string of dating debacles in her quest to find true love. When all seems hopeless, and Stephanie’s cynicism and lack of trust in men threatens to overshadow her dreams of ever finding Mr. Right, Josh unseemingly enters her life, and she comes to realize she has finally found Z-Right Guy.

Fiction & Literature
December 22
Lisa Pacheco
Smashwords, Inc.