A Donkey's Little Tale

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Preparing for the journey to Bethlehem in order to register for the census, Joseph groomed the gentle donkey colt chosen to accompany him and his bride, who was with child. Along the way, the charming little beast of burden committed to memory all he saw and heard along the way in hopes that his intuitive insights and attention to detail would be passed down for generations to come. Little did he realize he would be a witness to the birth of the Christ Child, never dreaming he would be pressed into the service of a King. Thus, the little chronicler fills in many gaps in the love story of Joseph and Mary, and the joyous  birth of Jesus. This is his little tale.      

“A Donkey’s Little Tale” was a Divine gift on the morning of December 28, 2004. I, the “author,” R. Mitchell Scott, sat down with coffee and Bible. Throughout the month my devotional time teemed with spirit-charged poetic energy. Scripture fairly demanded a creative outpouring.     Reading the brief accounts of Matthew 1 and Luke 2, the passages wanted for detail regarding the short journey to Bethlehem made by Joseph and Mary. Pondering the scriptural gaps, I was disappointed by the few and brief biblical accounts glaringly deplete of intimate detail.  The couple blended in among the throng making their way to Bethlehem to register for the census. Was there no one to chronicle the intimate details of the love story between the chosen parents of the Son of God?   I had questions but no one to ask . . . except the Lord.  Suddenly, inspiration! Did they bring a donkey? If so, what might he have seen or heard? The child in me captured my thoughts. I had no one to ask, so I asked the Lord—what did the donkey see? Three hours later the breathtaking poetic contemplations were etched in a spiral notebook courtesy of my trusty yellow #2 pencil and the gracious hand of God.     “A Donkey’s Little Tale” turned out to be the crowning glory of my poetic bonanza, and it has been protected at all costs. Very few have read it over the past decade, and those who have, whisked away tears at the end. My beautiful sister, Lana, the first to hear a reading of “A Donkey’s Little Tale,” has faithfully nagged me for these ten-plus years to get on with the publishing. Now, here it is. Glory to God!

December 17
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