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Magdalena, New York. 

Home of memories long buried, steamy nights, and one regrettable summer…

Grace Romano had been seventeen, impressionable, innocent to the power of attraction and desire. 

Max Ruhland taught her about both. He loved Grace and thought they had a future together, until she crushed his heart and told him he wasn’t part of her life plan.

Twenty-two years later, Grace Romano Clarke is a widow with two children and a pile of broken dreams. When her aunt dies, she must return to Magdalena, the town she’d rather forget, to honor the woman’s last wishes: stay in her house for thirty days, and complete a list that, according to her aunt, will reveal a bit about life and maybe reveal something about herself, too. What Grace doesn’t know but will find out soon enough is that Max Ruhland must stay in the house with her and help complete the list!

Max Ruhland isn’t the same lovesick puppy from the wrong side of the tracks who had his heart broken all those years ago. He’s a wealthy, successful businessman who owes his good fortune to Grace’s aunt, the woman who never gave up on him. Max can have any woman he wants, but he’s never forgotten Grace, or how she hurt him. Now he’ll have to spend the next thirty days with her—in close quarters—to honor her aunt’s last wishes, and he’s not looking forward to it.

It’s going to get very interesting as the town watches and wonders what’s going on between those two. Of course, Pop Benito understands exactly what’s happening in the house on Bayberry Street, even if Max and Grace don’t. He’s the one who helped Grace’s aunt create the thirty-day list, which he insists will finally get this couple their happily-ever-after!

See you in Magdalena!

BONUS MATERIAL: Included in this e-book is the first chapter of Strangers Like Us, Book 1 in the Reunion Gap series.

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Meals From Magdalena, A Family Affair Cookbook

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August 29
Mary Campisi Books, LLC
Mary Campisi Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sabola1917 ,

A Family Affair The Return

Fabulous easy read. Leaves you in suspense these books so
Exciting. Love them

1 Banker ,

Ah, Grace & Max

Another great book by Mary Campisi. Young love tossed aside because of youth, fear, & lifetime of being told that she was not “good enough” by her mother. That was Grace. A love that never stopped hurting for Max, the boy, unloved & uncared for by his drunken parents. He didn’t believe he could truly be loved by Grace. He didn’t fit into her life plan. Years & years go by. Grace has a disastrous marriage. Max is blessed by a loving mother figure who just happens to be Grace’s aunt. Before her death, she hatches a plan to force Grace & Max to spend time together. Will they work through all of the pain of their youthful mistakes? Will they find a way to take the 2nd chance they’ve been given?

:)🙋🏽🤗 ,

Love it.

Thank you for honoring love, family.
Thank you for honoring Cooper❤️🐾❤️.
He will be always grateful.
When I suggested Cooper I was thinking of a special shelter dog that got adopted, I forgot that your lab’s name was also Cooper🤭
Everyone at the shelter thought it was impossible to discipline but we all loved him. I always whispered to him Hi Anderson, at that time I was watching CNN all the time, nowadays I do not like to watch tv that much, tired of all what’s is going on...
Love always and greetings from Aruba.

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