A Family Forever Series, Books 1, 2, and 3

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Many people say family is everything. There is nothing more beautiful than two people coming together for the sake of a child, finding love, and finding A Family Forever. From marriage-of-convenience to second-chance-at-love to pure Irish-fairytale fantasy, A Family Forever Bundle brings you sweet, emotional stories of romance and love that arrives unexpectedly and culminates in happily-ever-afters that will leave you smiling. So brew yourself a cup of tea, settle on the sofa (or under that big beach umbrella) and enjoy these three full-length novels.

Included in this bundle:

A BEAUTIFUL STRANGER – When wealthy but emotionally wounded Sean Hudson arrives to claim his new daughter, he discovers the adoption hinges on the impossible. Unless he finds a wife immediately, the tiny orphan will be snatched away from him forever. But before he can abandon hope, a beautiful stranger proposes a surprising solution—marriage.

MADE IN PARADISE – For ten long years Amber has believed her child was lost to her forever. Then an unexpected inheritance leads the lovely doctor back home… to the man she’s always loved. There she discovers her beloved Jon is a bachelor father, and the little girl he is raising is their daughter!

A REASON TO BELIEVE – It seems like a grand idea, temporarily trading her pixie wings for a womanly form to help handsome widower Paul Roland with his baby girl. And the moment she holds the precious bairn in her arms, Fern knows true happiness for the first time. But she never anticipates the dizzying emotions she feels for the man who not only needs her as a nanny, but as a woman whose passion can heal his wounded heart. Suddenly the forbidden fairy rule she gently bends is in danger of being irrevocably broken.

Couples coming together for the sake of a child and finding… A Family Forever!

August 21
Donna Fasano
Donna J Fasano

Customer Reviews

Dawn Pearson ,

From laughs to tears, each brings a happily ever after

This is a collection of 3 novels centered around the theme of family - what it takes to become one. In the first story, the plot line follows the theme of a marriage of convenience. Next, is a second chance and last is a bit of fairy tale fantasy. Whatever your preference, you'll find it among these. There are laughs as well as tears, but each brings the happily ever after.

Below are my individual reviews for each book

A Beautiful Stranger
This is truly the best kind of story. It's got a realistic scenario, a continual buildup of the romance, and great character development. The result of all this is a new twist on the marriage of convenience theme.

Sean Hudson is overseas trying to complete an international adoption. He was told by everyone in America that being a bachelor would not be a problem. However, now that he's ready to claim his daughter, he's told that the rules have been changed and that the government expects him to be married. Well, considering that he's convinced that he's a bad candidate for a husband, he's determined to stay single. However, he desperately wants to adopt little Sona.

Nicki Willis teaches English overseas. However, due to the disruption in the local government, she suddenly finds herself without a job. Until she can find another teaching job, she's got to find something to help put food on her table. In a chance encounter with Sean, she proposes that she fill in for a wife. Then, after everything is settled, they quietly get an annulment.

This arrangement works well in theory. However, the reality is that both are attracted to each other and what follows is a sweet tale of each of them working through that attraction. I also loved how they were each able to help the other work through past heartaches. As the reader, I was moved by the sad events that each of the main characters had endured as well as encouraged by their efforts to move beyond them.

Romance - PG - some kisses and slightly steamy thoughts
Language - PG - mild curse word used
My rating - 5 stars.

Made in Paradise
10 years ago Amber was told that her baby was stillborn. Through her grief, she moved on with her education and is now a medical doctor. However, she must return to her hometown to settle her father's estate after his death. What she doesn't expect is to discover that her child lived!

10 years ago Jon was told that Amber rejected their child. Since then, he's done everything possible to be a good father. How is he supposed to act when Amber suddenly shows up after so many years?

What follows is a much more emotional read than I expected. There's a lot of emotions to process and untangle as well as the mystery of what exactly happened 10 years ago. How was Amber convinced her baby was dead? How was Jon convinced that she had rejected the child? Will they learn the truth? Can they find the love that once drew them together? And, in the midst of it all is their child who desperately wants a complete, whole family. Is it possible?

Themes - teen pregnancy, honesty, social status, and self respect

Romance - steamy PG. There's one scene that skirts the edge.
Language - PG
My rating - 5 stars

A Reason to Believe
Fairy tale meets real world.

What happens when you have a magical pixie who falls in love with a human? At first, Fern thought she transformed into a human to help widower, Paul Roland, with his toddler daughter. But, as time goes on, she learns about human emotions and realizes that they are better and greater than anything she's ever experienced. But, can she really give up her life as a pixie? What about her friends? Her magic?

Paul Roland has become a hermit and his work as a writer is suffering. Yet, as he gets to know Fern his creativity returns. He's also astonished at the pull of attraction between them. But, can he believe her when she reveals the truth about being a Pixie? Can he let her go back to Ireland?

This is a delightful story of what it means to love someone. I appreciated how Paul respected Fern and was gentle and patient with her. I also appreciated how Fern's character grew and matured as a human. There's simply a lot to like in this story. It's a great blend of magic, fantasy, and real world.

Romance - PG - some kissing and honest conversation romance
Language - PG
My rating - 5 stars

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