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Fame is a tricky business, as Althea Rose learns firsthand when the spotlight-seekers sweep into Tequila Key after rumors of a psychic reality show hit the headlines. Even more annoying are the tabloid photographers who insist on taking photos of Althea in the most unflattering positions – like bending over to take off her wetsuit. Who wants their bum plastered across the cover of a magazine? 

Understandably miffed, Althea grows even more frustrated when she learns a famous TV producer wants to sign her and Miss Elva on to co-star in the reality show. To make matters worse, a competing psychic with an over-inflated ego has arrived in town to sniff out his chance for the spotlight. He and his ruthless assistant make Althea’s life hell as they vie for the coveted leading role in the show. 

Althea tries to ignore the bedlam and carry on with her life, but to her surprise she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a murder, again. And this time all fingers are pointed at her.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 21
Lovewrite Publishing
Patricia OMalley

Customer Reviews

Annbow22 ,


I was once again blown away by the Althea Rose series. It never fails to be exciting and entertaining and always makes you want more! I received an advanced copy of this book and can’t wait for the next one!

Texas109 ,

A Fifth of Tequila

A Fifth of Tequila revisits that interesting group of magickal characters that inhabit Tequila Key. It seems a producer is in town trying to drum up interest in a psychic reality show. Miss Elva seems to like the idea, but Luna and Althea are dead set against it, especially since they were visited by an obnoxious cohort of another self proclaimed psychic who thinks he should be the star. Tempers flare and relationships get a little strained until a body is found and the three ladies must work together to save the innocent and capture the guilty. Along the way Luna must once again try to get Althea to focus on her blossoming magickal abilities with predictable results. Well, results predictable to those of us who follow the series. If you are a new reader, don’t despair. The author will give you all the background information needed. This is a wonderful read with a lot of humor, an intriguing murder mystery, and a little romance. I enjoyed every minute. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book. Highly recommend.

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