A Girl, a Guy and a Big Fat Lie A Girl, a Guy and a Big Fat Lie
#1 - Mulberry Lake

A Girl, a Guy and a Big Fat Lie

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He can't decide if he's lucky or doomed . . .

Rowan Kavanagh bites off more than he can chew when he takes over his dying father's ski resort.  He had no idea how much work was needed to make the place a success.  It's a money pit for sure and he soon finds himself turned upside down.  What he needs is a little more time and lots of money, not some tight-ass banker who keeps threatening him with foreclosure.  What she needs is to get laid.  That should not only loosen her up but put a smile on her face as well. 

Emma Fischer doesn't have time for Rowan's games, lies, broken promises or his sexy dimples and rippling muscles.  She takes her job seriously, which is why she was named VP of her grandfather's bank.  While Abel Fischer is a softie and has been known to make some bad investments, including the loan he made to Rowan, she is all business and nothing like him.  She is not about to let the man get away with not making his payments on time.  Someone needs to teach him a lesson.  And she's just the man—excuse me, woman—for the job.

Okay, so maybe she was being a little hard on Rowan.  She was having a bad day.  It was her birthday, for God's sake, and her fiancé ended their engagement that morning.  All because she had changed her mind about not wanting children.  She was thirty-five, and if ever it was time to give motherhood a chance, it was now.  But he didn't agree. 

Rowan had a bad week. Between half his crew quitting on him because their paychecks bounced and chasing off Callie Stevenson, the teenage runaway that has been sleeping in his storage building, the last thing he needs is his banker paying him a visit with that holier-than-thou attitude of hers.  The lady, if she was one, needed to be knocked down a peg or two.  But he certainly didn't mean to hit her with a two-by-four.  That was an accident.  And the minute she woke he would tell her so.  He didn't need her accusing him of deliberately hurting her, or worse, trying to kill her.  The resort couldn't handle that kind of publicity.  Not good for business.

But when Emma awakes after the accident, she has no memory.  Nada.  She can't remember who she is, let alone him or why they were arguing.  Although Callie tells her he was trying to kill her.  Rowan wants to wring the kid's neck but Emma is having no part of that.  In fact, she is somehow convinced Callie is her daughter.  And not only her daughter but his as well.

Whoa!  Rowan does everything in his power to convince her otherwise, but she doesn't believe him.  She has this strange notion about them being a family.  Hell, he barely knows them.  But both females are soon living in his house and redirecting his life.  Call him a pushover because that seems to be exactly what he is.  And with the possibility of Emma's memory returning soon, will their fake family last or will Emma end up hating Rowan?    

April 29
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

dumcoft ,

A girl , a guy, and a lie

What a super great story! Wish I had the funds to buy all the author’s book. What a great story teller! TKS so vy much dc

EusAirolg ,


Great read!

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