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On the eve of a huge, breakout success, a poor but brilliant young game developer is pulled out of her world, and time itself, by a cowboy desperately searching for the daughter he lost two hundred years ago.

Cady McCall is ready to be rich and famous. She has sacrificed everything, putting her work ahead of family and friends. Now with mad success and huge wealth so close she can taste it, her life is blown apart by Deputy Marshal John 'Titanic' Smith, the man who rescues her from two muggers, only to carry her off into history. Lost on the seas of time, Smith is desperate to get home to his family in 1876, and now Cady is lost along with him, facing danger and finding love in Victorian London, Ancient Rome and in the near-future America of President for Life Donald Trump.

"John Birmingham has done a smashing time-travel, cross-cultural adventure, mysterious strangers, dystopian Trumpist gladiator uprising alternate history sword and sandal Western bodice-ripper mystery novel and I'm panting for more.  Great chacraters, dynamite realistic action, and Jack the Ripper among the Victorian proto-feminists.  Deranged and brilliant!" – SM Stirling.

“If one of Elmore Leonard’s Western characters arrived in the present & met the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…. JB’s playing

Time games again.” – Mark Colvin.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 11
Gigantic Weapons Corporation
John Birmingham

Customer Reviews

Buglito ,

What a romp!

Young woman, who has just become a highly successful computer game developer with a quite colorful...um...vocabulary, tumbles into time travel with a VERY plain spoken marshal from the 1800’s. Say WHAT...literally. You can just see them leaning back, looking at one or the other, trying to figure out what just came out of that mouth. Then throw in efforts to return to their time line with the bad guys on their heels. Yep, a whole full bucket of delight!

JT33333 ,

Fun tale jumping through time

From the first page this book grabbed me and didn't let go. Lots of action, a tough female protagonist, and a touch of future seeing dystopia!
The only regret you'll have after reading this one is that you didn't read it sooner.

misckid ,

A Girl In Time

John Birmingham is a master storyteller. He blends interesting and likable characters and weaves them in and out of slightly twisted, but recognizable historical venues. Humor, action, mystery, thriller are all a part of every book.

Unfortunately, he ruined this book by playing politics. As a native Australian I'm sure he would be offended by an American weighing in on Australian politics and inserting a negative stamp on one of two competing views. If you are a Trump supporter you will be offended by this book. I was. Mr. Birmingham has drunk the Kool Aid of CNN and company. It's not the wisest business decision for a writer to alienate one half of the US population.

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