A God In The Moon: Your Guide to The World of The Trinity Matrix

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The message of unity comes in various forms, and we can recognize it in music, art, or books. Roger A. Turner’s fusion cuisine-like abilities are highlighted in his book. He distils the similarities found in various religions, mythologies, science, astronomy, etymology, numerology, and semiology and presents them as a unified pattern of the Trinity. The contemplative work can be a source of revelation for readers keen on exploring beyond traditional doctrines. If you are open to the core beliefs of kindness and compassion and are a devotee of the fundamental teachings of holy books — such as The Bible, The Torah, or The Quran — there’s a strong chance that you’ll relate to the author’s viewpoint.
It is no secret that ancient knowledge about human existence has been lost, whether voluntary or involuntary, in history through wars or through biased interpretations. It is also no secret that the influential organizations of the world erased elements of the truth to gain mass manipulation and control. Selfish individuals have coincidentally (?) compromised the details of history with fallacious information. Trinitarian theories are among the most controversial concepts in human history as some people interpret each aspect of the Trinity as completely distinct. Yet, through the author’s work, we get to see striking parallels to this trio in astronomy (Sun-Moon-Earth), in religion (The Father-The Son-The Holy Spirit), in spirituality (soul-mind-body), in physics (electrons-protons-neutrons), in anatomy (head-chest-abdomen), and in medal awards (gold-silver-bronze), for example.
Is there a code hidden in the vast reservoir of learning that we acquired from ancient times to modern days that will help humanity progress? If so, wouldn’t keeping it a secret raise more curiosity among people? These are some of the questions that this book would lend to a fascinating book club debate. The topics are thought-provoking, and I liked how the author respects readers’ opinions, not attempting to influence our views. Randomness doesn’t seem to fit in the author’s conceptual framework, which emphasizes “a complicated matrix of well-balanced design” where one mutual understanding will prevail through the common values of love, tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness that lie in our true human nature.
Eager to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, I was quickly engrossed in the book. The author recommends that his guide “be used as a reference for further research” for a better understanding of the historical misconceptions that had been promulgated over time. Taking his advice, I conducted further research on the book’s subject matter, becoming, at times, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. His etymological analyses of words were also rather challenging though well worth the effort to understand. Is there a conspiracy against mankind that prevents us from progressing to the next level of human evolution? The writer’s argument on technological advancement, especially how Transhumanism seems to propel us to a higher evolutionary plane, was equally engaging. But is this an upgrade or a downgrade? Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity? What if we already have all the necessary tools to evolve?
. As a habit when reading a book, I highlight in yellow those words or passages that resonate with me, such as wise and meaningful quotes or new learnings. This book is now almost half yellow. “A guide” doesn’t seem to do justice to this extraordinary piece of work.
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November 19
Roger Turner
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