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A rollicking cozy mystery series from USA Today bestselling author A.W. Hartoin.
For fans of Janet Evanovich, Tricia O'Malley, and Jana DeLeon...

What do a dead cop, a murdered bride, and a sizzling summer have in common? Mercy Watts, of course.

Nurse and dutiful daughter, Mercy Watts is on vacation from her parents. The great detective and his loving wife are on a cruise and, for the first time in years, Mercy thinks she's off the hook. She won’t be doing any investigating for the family firm. No tailing suspects. No background checks. Nothing but her own stuff for three whole weeks. She’s thrilled.

But when Tommy’s old partner has a fatal heart attack out of nowhere, Dad has one of his famous feelings and orders Mercy to look into it. She tries not to get sucked in. She really does. But she is her father's daughter. Soon Gavin's death leads to a more grisly one, the death of a bride on her wedding day. Can the two be connected? Was Gavin murdered? Now Mercy can't stop. You do for family. That's all there is to it.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 4
A.W. Hartoin
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Customer Reviews

wonttakeless ,

Mercyful o’ Sass

A Good Man Gone reads like a journal absent the dates, treading aimlessly through the daily routine of fact-finding adventures until all action spikes in one big uh-huh! close to the end.

Lashbatting and throwing in a curveful to pry out every bit of information may be considered entertaining by some. A serious reader looking for depth may find them too much of a good thing. Some properly placed colloquialisms located throughout may just bring much needed diversifying interest.

Fragmented episodes give the feeling that it is missing one vital but elusive element that will give it the cohesiveness it needs, but that is what detective work is all about although writing one may not be. Looking at the big picture, one may note a fairy tale bit to it that takes the word fiction a ways off.

Dotti Smith ,

A Good Man Down

Fun and funny. My kind of read.

linburg ,

A Good Man Gone

Being in the medical field, and finding on page 1 that the protagonist was a nurse, I thought this book might have an interesting plot, so I continued reading. However, it was a disappointment. I didn’t find the plot to be well done. The language was unnecessarily crude, but the real turnoff was that there was not a single appealing character among all the major characters in the book. “The Girls” were okay though without appeal, but the remainder of the characters were annoying at best. Therefore, I would not read any more books by this author.

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