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A sexy, passionate, utterly addictive standalone MM romance from #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely!

Every bartender should follow one simple rule—don't go home with the customers. 

That’s been easy for me to stick to, until the night a cocky, confident, and sinfully charming hockey star walks into my bar. This sexy athlete is too hard to resist, especially when he makes it clear how much he wants the “sarcastic, witty, hot AF” guy behind the bar—also known as me.

Still, I’m not keen on breaking my own rules since I know where that can lead—no place good. 

But when that man makes his case with one bone-searing kiss on the streets of London, I throw resistance out the window.

What could go wrong with a hot, dirty, no-strings-attached fling before he leaves town in five days? 

Trouble is, soon our nights together lead to days, to long conversations, to getting to know each other, and to something I never expected—falling ridiculously hard for a man who’s getting on a plane to America when I live a world away. 

My life is here. His is there. And no amount of falling or feeling will change that one big problem. 

Warning: contains hot hotel nights, loads of dirty talk, PDA all over London, and two sexy, witty, charming alpha heroes…

August 19
Little Dog Press
Lauren Blakely Books

Customer Reviews

Suzanne Golt ,

Dean and Fitz are the Perfect Pair

A Guy Walks into My Bar is double the pleasure and double the fun, and we get two hot heroes instead of one! This new MM rom-com by Lauren Blakely is a total stand-alone, featuring James “Fitz” Fitzgerald, a professional hockey player from the States, and English Magpie Bar owner Dean Collins. These two literally meet when Fitz walks into his bar when he is with his sister in London for a short visit across the pond and their gravitational pull is electric.

What I love most about Lauren’s books are her beautiful descriptions of the settings, in this case London and New York, and that all of her characters have character. Fitz and Dean are stand-up guys with morals and ethics, family oriented, hardworking, witty, generous, and passionate. This is no slow burn as their instant attraction and need for each other were so well described that I blushed while I was reading it.

I truly believe in soul mates and while these two were just looking to spend time together for a few steamy days and nights while Fitz was in town, they couldn’t deny that their no-string fling became much more meaningful with each passing day. Fitz is cocky, Dean is charming and together they are on fire!

Their heat radiated off the pages and all of their friends and family knew that this was the real deal, and I loved how they would encourage them. It was so fun to read their flirty banter, sarcasm, and zingers, but also their vulnerable side and how they took a genuine interest in getting to know each other on a deeper level. And not just because it was polite, but because they truly were fascinated with one another. And it wasn’t just Dean’s sexy English accent that turned Fitz on, it was his heart.

But with two demanding jobs that require them to be an ocean apart, and two men vowing to not wanting a serious relationship, each for personal reasons, they just can’t seem to quit it each other. Not afraid to show PDA and let the world know how they feel are qualities I admire. They were honest and upfront from the beginning, best friends as well as lovers, and willing to make sacrifices to make the other happy.

I so enjoyed reading all of their interactions, and those with their families and friends (some appeared in Birthday Suit and The What If Guy which was a wonderful surprise!) Maeve, his friend and co-owner of the Magpie, was a hoot and also found a hottie of her own! Loved her and his sister, Emma, too.

But it’s not always smooth sailing for these two as when their time ends, they are miserable, and need to make a decision about their future. Read this MM romance to see if they are willing to break their agreement of just a fling, or take a chance at a lifetime of happiness.

Michiemama ,

Loved it!!!

I fell in 😍 w/ AGWIMB & the main characters. Their love story had me feeling lots of emotions! Their chemistry was beautiful, breathtaking and 🧨 The narrators performance was like no other PHENOMENAL, AMAZING & SPECTACULAR!

gabbysreading ,

All the stars!!

See that cheesy, dopey, lovestruck smile on my face? That is a direct result of Lauren Blakely’s newest release, A Guy Walks Into My Bar. I loved this book! I love every fun, sexy, swoony thing about it. Love, love, love. From the outstanding character connections to the top shelf caliber flirting and the hot AF moments, it’s easy for me to claim that this is one of my favorite reads in 2020.

Dean with all his sexy Brit wit and Fitz, the uber charming and confident American hockey player are amazing together. Their chemistry was evident from the start. What started as a short fling grew into something so powerful. The way they fell so easily into a natural banter made me squeal with delight. It's no secret, I love a good verbal back and forth. Lauren Blakely's dialogue in this book was simply perfect.

I have to say, seeing Fitz fall in love is probably my favorite male character falling ever because it's such a genuine wonderment and shock for him. He didn't know what to do with his feelings making a few mistakes here and there because of those feelings. Still, it was so cute to see him truly care for Dean.

This may have been Lauren Blakely’s first MM romance but she nailed it flawlessly. Their sexual orientation wasn't for - lack of a better phrase - a big deal. Dean and Fitz were simply two people falling in love and they just happened to be men. How beautiful.

I wholeheartedly recommend picking up A Guy Walks into My Bar. Especially if you want to laugh, swoon and feel all kinds of giddiness.

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