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Hanukkah or Chanukkah? -- It doesn’t matter how you spell it!

Here are a dozen humorous and heartwarming tales to read and share for all ages.

A Hanukkah Present was the finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature


• The Lethal Latkes •

• How Joseph Won His Bride With the Spin of a Dreidel •

• The Challah that Ate Chelm •

• The Origin of Hanukkah Presents •

and many more.

Set in Chelm, the village of fools, these are stories written for young and old alike to read and share. They have been published world-wide in magazines and newspapers, including: The Forward, Washington Jewish Week, The Shofar, and Cricket Magazine and dozens more…

Praise for Mark Binder’s Hanukkah Stories

“Lethal Latkes… is not a murder mystery. It concerns some awful-tasting latkes (potato pancakes) and what you might call another Hanukkah miracle: love.”

—New York Times

“Listeners of all cultural backgrounds will be entertained by these tales.… regardless of religious affiliation.”

—School Library Journal

“…surprising snippets of wisdom…”

—Jewish Daily Forward

“Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading selections aloud and retelling the stories… ”

—AJL Newsletter

Mark Binder is the award-winning author of Stories for Peace, The Brothers Schlemiel, The Bed Time Story Book, Matzah Mishugas and It Ate My Sister. He is also an award-winning spoken-word recording artist, with titles ranging from Classic Stories for Boys and Girls to It was a dark and stormy night… and A Holiday Present!

His latest book is Cinderella Spinderella.
He lives in Providence, RI, where he occasionally teaches a college-level course in Telling Lies.

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September 1
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Mark S Binder

Customer Reviews

David Fishman ,

Well-lit stories for a well-lit holiday treat

At the holidays, there's a wash of equal opportunity stories about those other holidays. Too often, they're a little white-washed, disneyfied, with black and white characters that just wash into grey -- and stand out in no special way from the rest of the over-commercialized decorations that clutter our culture.

These stories are different. They're set in a slightly off-beat community of fools, with one foot in the 18th and 19th century aromas of our immigrant ancestors -- and the other squarely in a modern world that will be familiar to children born at the turn of the millenium and since. Binder's humor is wry, but gentle -- and enough to bring a smile to readers and listeners alike. Best of all, he doesn't lose sight of the real meaning of Hannukah -- the right, indeed, the mandate to stand out, to be different, to be true to yourself.

My kids love these stories, and look forward to this time of year so I can read them to them again, and again. Yours will too.

One more plus I discovered with this on e-book: I can make the letters bigger. Easier to read by candlelight.

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