A Happy Bureaucracy

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Nukes ended most of society. Now all that's left is taxes.

Arthur McDowell works for the most indestructible employer left in post-apocalyptic America: the IRS. Safe and sound inside a government bunker, Arthur is proud to be just another drone. But for an ambitious man (and excellent typist) such as Arthur, a promotion to supervisor is just around the corner.

Arthur's world flips when instead of a becoming supervisor, the brass makes him a census-taker. His task: to head out into the irradiated streets armed with paperwork and red tape. Assigned to him is a drug-addicted bodyguard, Rabia Duke, who could care less if they survive.

All's well at first, but after Arthur is confronted by a warlord, he realizes that the only thing that can save them all is a massive audit. Because even above radiation, roving gangs, and starvation, what the world should fear the most remains bureaucracy. A happy bureaucracy.

Brazil by way of Mad Max, M.P. Fitzgerald's A Happy Bureaucracy is a bleak and hilarious look at the wheels of a system that keep turning even when nothing else is left. Get your copy today!

Readers can't put down A HAPPY BUREAUCRACY and compare it to Hunter S. Thompson meets Fallout 3!

This is absolutely the funniest dystopian novel I have ever read. ★★★★★-Kindle Reviewer

A gonzo action packed, dark humored thrill ride that keeps you craving more madness after every page. Really looking forward to the next book ★★★★★-Kindle Reviewer

I strongly feel that this book should be read for the context of this sentence if for no other reason: 'His hideous wattle blew in the wind'. I was disgusted and deeply amused at the same time. ★★★★★-Kindle Reviewer

One part Fallout equal parts Mad Max and a pinch of Fear and Loathing with a lot of entertaining dark humor. ★★★★★-Kindle Reviewer

Filled with violence, lots of drinking, and crazy lines that will buzz through your head when you're in bed at 3am, this adventure is the dark comical version of Mad Max. ★★★★★-Kindle Reviewer

Buy it, read it. Great fun, totally original and different take on the the world after the apocalypse. I can't wait to read the follow on adventures of the characters.
★★★★-Kindle Reviewer

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May 28
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