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Romance and revenge brew in the 16th century Scottish Highlands. Alistair Munro returns to Scotland after six years of exile in France to find his wife, son, and estate in the hands of another man. Alistair determines to regain his property and child. The beautiful sister of Clan Munro's chief, a distant cousin to Alistair, attracts his attention and captures his heart; however, Davina must solve conflicting issues before her affections can belong to the handsome warrior. Can the two overcome adverse circumstances to love again?

A Highland Bride, an inspirational Scottish historical romance, is the fourth book in the Highland Treasures series.

Alistair returns from six years of exile in France, to find his betrothed, Bridget, married to Struan Sutherland. Alistair’s and Bridget’s son, five-year-old Blane, is heir to the Munro estate of Contullich with its vast holdings and wealth. Bridget and Struan keep Blane from Alistair. He wants the estate and his son, but Bridget is not willing to give up either. Alistair is tempted to kill Struan, but falls in love with Davina, a distant cousin.

Davina’s English husband died of a fever and her brother, Andrew Munro, Chief of Clan Munro, sent men to bring her from London home to Fàrdach Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Davina dislikes Scotland in the wintertime and tries to persuade Andrew to let her return to London. Andrew refuses her request, but promises to send her with an escort in the spring when travel conditions are better.

Davina is very attracted to Alistair, and coaxes him to give up the quest for revenge on Bridget and her husband, Struan.

Andrew Munro becomes ill. He makes Alistair promise to take the chiefdom since Gavin, Andrew’s brother and clan tanist, will not accept the position. As a favor to the chief who secured his pardon and brought him back to Scotland, Alistair accepts. Alistair makes Davina his, bana-mhanaidsear or female manager, to keep her close.

Davina asks Alistair to accompany her to London, but he refuses. The clan needs him. He wants her to give up the London quest and become his wife. Davina is in a dilemma, she desires the new chief, but longs for the exciting life of London society.

An unusual snowstorm on the couple’s journey to Dingwall makes them reexamine their hearts and relationship. Will Alistair and Davina overcome the obstacles to their love?

Fiction & Literature
September 4
Bethabara Press
Bethabara Faith Ministry, Inc

Customer Reviews

IndianaHappyTraveler ,

Having lost her loving husband, Davina finds love again in a most surprising way.

Gripping story of a knight returning from 6 years fighting for France, only to find his handfasted wife married another man and he has taken over his castle, lands and son. He is a member of the Munro clan, and subject to the chief’s orders to stay away from this woman and his son, as the chief wants to maintain peace. Alistair begins training the men and soon leaves for a nearby castle, returning to train the men. As the chief sickens, he chooses Ali to replace him, as his son is satisfied with being 2nd in command at this time. When the chief dies, Alistair takes over his responsibilities.
At the time of Ali’s return, the chief’s sister, Davina, is visiting after her husband’s death. She had asked to return to London, but the chief decides it is too late in the year to attempt such a long journey. Davina is not pleased to have to stay away from the niceties of London she has come to love.
So we have a new widow, not wanting to stay at her brother’s Highland Castle over the winter, and a returning warrior unhappy with the loss of his wife and son. The sparks fly initially as the rough spots in their personalities clash. Despite this, there is an attraction between them that each tries to ignore and eliminate.
We follow this couple and begin hoping they will overcome their reluctance to open their hearts to each other. Events transpire that bring them into close working proximity. Alistair is the first to accept his new feelings for Davina and proposes several times, only to be rejected by Davina.
A snow storm, staying in an Inn, and having the serving girl make suggestive actions and words to Alistair, brings the story to a dramatic high.
I was easily drawn into the story and my interest was kept. This is a clean story, without cursing and overt sexual activity, and does end happily.

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