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One City... Countless Stories.

A new series begins with two full length books by two USA Today Authors

Brock – Book 1

It had taken five years for Detective Kallie Redman to become emotionally and psychologically available after her cop-husband devastated their marriage and her career. The Hope City Police Department offered her a new beginning and over a thousand miles between her old life and her new. Being partnered with Brock King didn't hurt either. He was smart, generous—and too sexy for words.

Placed under a microscope and intense pressure to solve a high-profile murder, homicide detective Brock King didn't need or want a new partner. He managed his stress-filled life via sleep deprivation, a metabolism fueled by sugar and caffeine, and an all-consuming passion for his job. He had little time for anything else—and he was soul-tired of that wash-rinse-dry-repeat cycle. He'd written off finding a woman who'd put up with the odd hours, physical danger, and emotional stress of his job—until Kallie Redman. The woman was wicked sharp, ran on caffeine, and rocked one smoking hot body.

Unfortunately, the profession they chose had a way of grinding people into the ground, and the high-profile nature of this murder case guaranteed scrutiny from the press, the victim's extremely wealthy family and politicians at the highest levels. He'd begun to question if he'd have a job at the end––or a shot at a life with Kallie.

Sean – Book 2

The last thing arson detective Sean McBride expected while entrenched in the ongoing investigation of a serial arsonist was to meet a feisty insurance company fire investigator.  But when she landed at his feet, breaking her wrist, he had more on his mind than just finding the elusive fire-starter. Picking her out of the ashes was easy.  Needing to work with her…not so much.

Harper Walsh was stunned when the handsome detective insisted on taking her to the ER…even more stunned when he suggested they work together.  But the stoic detective gave mixed messages…did he want her arson experience or something more?

 Finding a woman who understood the demands of his job quickly had their partnership grow into love.  He even introduced her to his large, crazy, but loveable family.  But the arsonist was not as hidden as they suspected, and Harper gets too close to danger before Sean has a chance to smoke him out.  

Will Sean be able to save Harper before the arsonist goes up in flames, taking her with him?

Scenes and language similar to an R-Rated movie.  18+ readers only.

March 31
Maryann Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

LRH1022 ,

Hope City is the place to be

A Hope City Duet actual 2 full books that are the beginning of a series of books by two awesome authors, Kris Michaels and Maryann Jordan. The tie-in is the two families who grew up together - the Kings (who you’ll love and are cousins to the Kings of Guardian Security who fans of Ms. Michaels know and adore) and the McBrides (who you’ll quickly come to love also) - who have 11, yes ELEVEN, kinds between them.

BROCK by Kris Michaels - Brock King is a hot, smart & sexy homicide detective with the Hope City PD. He gets called out to what turns out to be a very high profile case. His partner gets tagged by the FBI to help with a case, so Brock gets a temp partner who is new with HCPD, is smart, sexy and has an ex that is harassing her and she has an interesting background. They have to work together to find the killer and figure out their attraction. There are plenty of twists and turns and family interaction. Kris Michaels is amazing at this kind of book - there are so many twists and turns, and you just know you’ve figured it out, but did you? Ms. Michaels is a master. It’s an awesome book and I can’t wait for her next installment.

SEAN by Maryann Jordan - Sean McBride is quiet, hot and smart, he ask a detective with the HCPD working arson cases. He runs into his best friend of 30 yrs at a fire scene with a dead body, but the case takes them in different directions. The db isn’t from the fire (so Brock follows that since he’s Homicide), and Sean takes the fire. But it’s not his serial arsonist, and that’s his major case right now. However going back to check a crime scene he comes across Harper Walsh, an insurance agency fire inspector, and inadvertently startled her, causing her to break her arm. This starts a chain of events that causes them to spend more time together and discuss the case and follow up on their attraction. Maryann Jordan is fabulous at writing in a way that gives clues and breadcrumbs, but keeps the answer just out of your reach. It’s such a great book and I can’t wait for the next McBride Hope City Book!

The thing with this Michaels-Jordan Hope City World is that the way they write it, the characters cross into each book, the cases cross over, and it is seamless. It’s definitely a world you want to be in, you’ll love it. And who knows maybe some other names you might recognize from their other worlds might come up, who knows with these two amazing ladies...

Sandialys ,

Great new series!

A great start to a new series. This was the first book (Brock) I have read of Kris Michaels and I am now a fan. I have read many of Maryann Jordan books and have loved them all, especially this one (Sean). Bothe of these books were full of mystery and suspense, I was very surprised at who committed the crime in both books. Brock and Sean grew up tighter as neighbors becoming best friend and like brothers. They both are cops, Brock works Homicide and Sean works in arson investigation. I loved these characters. Brock falls for Kallie and Sean falls for Harper. Both couples have great chemistry. I love that these are strong female characters that are just as smart and career oriented as the male characters. These are wonderful romance books, I can wait to read about the rest of the Kings and McBrides.

Ladydi232 ,

Romance and suspense

The first book in the new Hope City series is a duet with two complete stories.
Book one is Brock.
Though he loves his job, Brock King has begun to despair of ever finding a woman who could deal with the rigors of his job as a Hope City homicide detective. That is until he is temporarily partnered with Detective Kallie Redman.

“Brock leaned down and kissed her cheek quickly.
"Boundaries, Detective King."
"Nobody was watching, Detective Redman." He wrapped his arms around her.
"Well in that case, kiss me like you mean it, and then let's go get us a murderer."

Together Brock and Kallie navigate a very high profile case, the stresses of their dangerous job and the unexpected connection they feel for each other.
This is my first book by Kris Michaels and I loved her storytelling. Lots of suspense, and romance without unnecessary angst or drama.
Sean’s story is the second part of this duet. He is an arson detective with Hope City PD.
Sean McBride has little social life and is working long hours. He is surviving on caffeine and little sleep. He is at a point in his life that he wants more than a superficial one or two night fling.

Sean’s first encounter with insurance arson investigator Harper Walsh does not go well, but Sean is determined to get a second chance.

“Then let me get you home, and I’ll warm you up even more.”
The idea of Sean’s way of warming her caused tingles to move throughout her body. “Is that a promise?”
“Babe, that’s a guarantee.”

I loved the suspense and mystery to this story. It kept me guessing till the very end!
I am loving the start to this new series and really look forward to more Hope City!
-5 Stars!-

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