One Prayer Can Change Everything_

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The pursuit of our God-given destiny is often a struggle of yearning-a yearning to walk in our God-given destiny that is fueled by a burning desire to walk in the fullness of all that God has spoken to us about us. Yet with every step that we attempt, we appear to be more clueless as to where our journey leads, where we thought this yearning was leading us and what we thought we knew is often shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty. Did we really hear God? Did He really assign this Kingdom Destiny to me, and is it too big for me? It is this yearning and grasping for certainty and understanding amid this burning desire to walk in our God-given destiny that just will not allow us to quit even when uncertainty continually beckons us to throw in the towel. I have been right there just like many of you. I have and continue to walk along this journey, yearning and grasping to fully understand the vast complexity of God's plan for my life, driven through the vehicle of FAITH undergirded in the power of PRAYER. Therefore, I encourage us all to pray continually for understanding and guidance, as we press ever forward to the fulfillment of all that God has said to us about us, that is yet to be seen ALL BY FAITH!

A Journey to Kingdom Destiny is a collection of my prayers and inspirational thoughts in pursuit of my God-given destiny that has encouraged me to keep pressing forward even after I have thrown in the towel and God has given it back to me. It is a collection of prayers and inspirational thoughts shared with others who likewise believe in the power of prayer. These shared prayers and inspirational thoughts have empowered this Abiding Faith Ministries collective prayer fellowship, and likewise, I bet you too will be encouraged to be steadfast through every challenge, issue, and struggle as your vision of destiny continues to burst forth on the horizon of your life, believing that no matter what it may look like or feel like right now, one prayer can change everything ALL BY FAITH!

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March 19
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