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Journey to the Interior of the Earth is an 1864 science fiction novel. The story involves a professor who leads his nephew and hired guide down a volcano in Iceland to the “center of the Earth”. They encounter many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy.

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January 1
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Public Domain

Customer Reviews

RocketRacoon 07 ,

Good, but sometimes words children can not understand

Rated 10+ for me. It was hard for me to understand some of the words in a text, but overall it’s a very interesting book with, scientific facts theories and characters that all stay in your heart forever.

snowwhite232 ,


Nice book

Nauttillus ,

One of the best books for kids and all ages

This is probably one of the best books to read as a kid but also in any age group. This book was a gift for me when I was like 8 years old and it totally just opened my mind to a whole new possibility, its good ficition like best for kids. Years latter I was to find out that in Global culture (around the world) there exists actual myths of places or things at the center of the Earth. Now having been a grown man this totally just opened my mind even further, its like when having the conversation of the Birds and the Bees with your parents, you know the sex talk, first its got to be eased into and then explained throughly. Thats basically how I see this book as the Birds and the Bees if you compare it to the real Myths of places inside the Earth.
Even so this book as a fictional tale and by itself is a just great, a total work of art because it only helps to imagine what could be or could have been something that is rooted in our mythology, even if none ever reads "ancient lost city stuff” they will still find this book unique and just wonderfull. By itself this book is classic.

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