A Killing Tide

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Novel

Where there's smoke...

Kaz Jorgensen is used to fear--the anxiety of negotiating treacherous currents as she captains her family's fishing trawlers, the terrifying nightmares of the day she almost lost her life on the river. But now a man is dead, an arsonist has set the Anna Marie ablaze, and her brother is missing.
There's fire...

Michael Chapman knows how to take the heat--as the new fire chief of Astoria, Oregon, he's dealt with more than his share. No way can he afford to get involved with the sister of a suspect. But the scorching attraction between him and Kaz burns out of control, and when someone takes a shot at her, his protective instincts kick in. Whatever happens, he can't allow another woman to die because of him.


"...an intriguing contemporary romantic suspense with an engrossing plot and lots of mystery that keeps you guessing. With this debut, P.J. Alderman shows that she is clearly an author to look out for." --Fallen Angel Reviews

"The plot twists and turns like a fishing line in a rip tide." --New Mystery Reader

"If P.J. Alderman's first foray into writing is any indication then we should be on the receiving line for some enjoyable books. Her characters are very real and kind of rough around the edges, which is what make them so wonderful to get to know. Even the bad guys have their moments. That was what made it an interesting ride to see who was responsible for the murders, arson and general mayhem. Alderman, who paints a wonderful picture of the lives and trials of the fishermen born into a life aboard the trawlers and have to circumnavigate treacherous waters, brings the story to life." --Fresh Fiction

"For a debut author, P.J. Alderman does a fantastic job of creating intrigue, suspense, drama, romance, and so much more. The plot is well laid out and incredibly plausible with characters who are full and real...if A Killing Tide is P.J.'s debut, a bright future is on the horizon and I can't wait to see more." --Once Upon a Romance

"Kudos to Ms. Alderman on a job well-done. The edgy THE KILLING TIDE is a fabulous debut, an edge-of-your-seat chiller guaranteed to thrill." --Romance Reader at Heart

January 31
P. J. Alderman
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

KatoII ,

A Killing Tide

First let me say, I am not a Professional Literary Reviewer! The following is my opinion only. The key words being, "my opinion".

The story line was good. Believable and interesting. It flowed nicely from one chapter to the next. Almost too many characters to keep track of, but I was able to do so by skipping back a few pages, which is not easy in an e-book. No matter. Perhaps, repeat perhaps, there was too much of the story dedicated to the romance between two of the main characters in the story. But still tolerable.

Off color language was not so good. I don't mind most profanity, but I draw the line at taking the Lords name in vain. Call me old fashioned. It seems to indicate a lack of knowledge of the English language if you cannot express yourself another way, realizing the same effect.

One thing that irritates me is so many typo's, and this printing is full of them. Someone needs to proof read this book and issue an update. I have noticed this problem with many Indie authors. I work pro-bono for two Indie authors and they have been most appreciative. They e-mail me their first draft, I proof read it looking for any grammar, spelling errors, story continuity or anything else that takes away the mental image the reader has in mind, but loses upon encountering some type of printing or language error.

Overall a good read. Just so little shy of 5 stars, but then again, I am NOT a professional literary reviewer. I just love to read and will be following this author on his/her next writing.

Old TX gal ,

Good story...

...with excellent characters and dialogue.

Ready4Italy ,

Filthy Language

This could have very well been a good book. I’ll never know due to the first couple pages having filthy language. Taking God’s name in vain does not make for a good read. It does not make a book more interesting. Sad.

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