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Kitty Summer has a wedding to stop. She's sure the groom doesn't love her sister, but how can she prove it? By testing his fidelity with one very public kiss, of course. 

That one kiss leaves Kitty stranded in Florida without her purse or cell phone and with her dotty grandmother and one jilted groom, aka Beck O’Brien. With only her bridesmaid dress to her name, Kitty needs Beck to help her get Granny back to Atlanta. And Beck needs Kitty to help him locate his bride so he can win her back. But the closer they come to finding Maggie, the more Beck wonders if a kiss is just a kiss.

April 27
Purple Papaya LLC
Purple Papaya, LLC

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Ellen/Oceanside ,


A KISS IS JUST A KISS by Melinda. Curtis.
Kelly feels like it was up to her to stop the wedding, and it was less than 30 minutes. They're walking down the aisle and she kisses Beck, the groom.
He was bragging to everybody about the money his wife would be making for him. Kitty and Grandma are stranded in Florida and who is the only person that can help them is Beck the groom. This is a ilarious plot, of what can go wrong, and does. Willner younger sister, Maggie ever forgive, and will the wedding still come about.. readers will love this, The characterizes are rich in their description. Given ARC. for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

Agent$$$$ ,

Finding Love

Kitty, the oldest sister, has always been the level-headed sister. While growing up, the sisters used the "kissing" test as a way to weed out the men who weren't worth the effort of a relationship. While pursuing her dreams, Kitty wasn't always around to make sure Maggie was making wise decisions. On Maggie's wedding day, Kitty overhears Beck saying he's marrying Maggie for what she has--a horse with race horse breeding potential. Kitty makes a rash decision and proceeds to kiss the groom during the wedding ceremony. What turns out to be a kiss that stops the wedding, ends up making Kitty feel things she's never felt before.

Beck is a guy you love to hate. In the beginning of the novella, you see him as greedy. Beck wants breeding rights of the horse and is willing to marry, use Maggie to get them. When kissed by Kitty, Beck is furious. Gentleman that he is though, he agrees to take Kitty's grandma back to Atlanta. While traveling, Kitty and Beck get to know each other. They realize that their differences make them perfect for each other, but neither acts upon their desires until issues with Maggie are cleared up as they don't want to further hurt her.

I really enjoyed this novella. It had all the feels of romance. It was a sweet, heartfelt, funny novella. Granny and the alligator farm adventures were HILARIOUS!!! Cute summer read. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Jean Boehmke ,

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

This wasn't your typical romance novel. But it was certainly an interesting journey.
Beck is set to marry Maggie, Kitty's sister, but Kitty always being protective of her sisters put Beck to the test with a kiss. Unfortunately that test happened in front of a church full of people. That's where the insanity started. Wedding ruined, families left Beck and Kitty behind, along with Kitty's grandmother, Dottie. They embark on a mini adventure combined with a journey of self discovery on their way to catch up with the family so Beck can talk to Maggie.
I loved the characters in this story, especially Dottie. She was a hoot!

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