A Korean Kitchen Companion

28 Recipes for Korean Dishes

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Bringing the Natural Charm of Korean Food to Tables Around the World.

These 28 recipes have been proven to work through Korean cooking classes for foreigners. Delicious dishes that are simple to make with ingredients that are easy to find. Korean Food: Tasty, Health, and Natural In past years, non-Koreans were unlikely to know anything about Korean cuisine outside of vbulgogi and kimchi. Today, however, many gastronomes seek a wider variety of dishes, from various kinds of jjigae to the blend of vegetables in bibimbap. It turns out that Korean food boasts a number of advantages that coincide with global culinary trends: it is healthy, representing a balanced diet composed of rice, soup, and side dishes, with unique flavors created by fermented sauces. More and more people today are not just trying the food out of curiosity but rather making it themselves and enjoying it on a regular basis. American actress Gwyneth Paltrow uploaded a video of herself making bibimbap to a cooking website that she runs personally, citing it as her secret method to staying slim. Australian actor Hugh Jackman was shown making kimchi on Kimchi Chronicles, a program that appeared on American public television channel PBS. As these trends raise the prominence of Korean cuisine around the world, English-language cookbook "A Korean Kitchen Companion" has been published to make this delicious food easier for readers to enjoy and make themselves. The cookbook was written by Dr. Jia Choi, an expert in Korean cuisine.

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May 8
Seoul Selection
Seoul Selection

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