A Lady's Revenge

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Lady Lydia Somerset is an earl's daughter. At the ripe age of twenty-five, she still wears the lavish gowns and dances the dainty steps of the haute ton as if she were pursuing a husband; but her goals are far more personal. Instead, she pursues her tormentors: the men who bet that taking a girl's virginity--her virginity--really can cure a brothel's plague. She has her cousins and sister to aid her, but no one can understand what it feels like to be helpless. Pugilism, England's manliest pastime, is her only relief. Training in secret with a female boxer keeps her sane, but when her instructor is hired away by one of the men she is seeking to destroy, she is in a bind. Her new teacher, a former prizefighter with a ready joke and a quick wit might do more than just correct her technique.

John Arthur is made of money. A street kid who dazzled with his fists, he now impresses as a miracle worker on the London Stock Exchange. But a man can't forget a boyhood spent in the gutter. Easy-going and affable, John Arthur knows he shouldn't tangle with bluebloods. He should be happy with a full belly and coin-filled pockets. But when he meets a woman who finds boxing as vital as he does, his life suddenly gets complicated.

Caught between revenge and finding love with a man who might truly understand her, Lady Lydia must commit to opening her heart or closing it forever.

*Winner of the Golden Leaf Best First Book Award 2020

February 1
ScarabSkin Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Lail@LCReads ,

Happiness is the ties that binds the hands of pugilist. A pugilist love story♥️ 4.5 Stars!

A Lady's Revenge (When The Blood Is Up Book 1) by Edie Cay
Happiness is the ties that binds the hands of pugilist. A pugilist love story♥️ 4.5 Stars!
This historical romance follows strong characters born on opposite sides of society.
Lady Lydia is a very strong woman with a dark secret she can’t bury until she’s had her revenge on the five vile men involved. She was young and helpless when her innocence was taken from her as the prize to the winner of a faro game played by five brothel plagued men of the ton who, wanted to test the claim that to have a virgin would rid them of their disease... She swore she’d never be helpless again and found empowerment in private pugilist lessons that also helped her as an outlet for her anger and ultimately gave her sanity.
John is a prize fighter never missing an opportunity to make money with his fist although, he now has more money than he can spend thanks to his intelligence and hard work rising from the gutter to a prize fighter and into a gifted stock trader. He knows his money alone won’t change his poor upbringing to guarantee his sister an advantageous marriage but, he’s hoping his new student might make a deal that will help them both. Their shared interest and love of the pugilism sport is the tie that binds them on equal and solid ground.
Their romance is a slow-build although they have a strong attraction towards each other they also suffer extreme insecurities and a dark tragic past that would turn the best of men away if he knew about her. The storyline is well written and digs deep into the concept and beliefs that you can only be respectable if your a member of the ton. Yet, this story also brings out the ugly fact that not all of the ton are respectable and do commit heinous crimes that they virtually get away with it due to their status in society. The story is filled with complex characters, an emotional rollercoaster of angst, anger, sweet revenge, personal and social insecurities and bias, and the healing, compassion, understanding, and acceptance found in this unconventional love story.
I really enjoyed and got into the world and history of pugilism! Well done! There was only one thing I wanted to see more of and that was more interaction and relationship building between Lydia and John’s sister. But, I’m sure that relationship will probably be more understood in the next book!
The author is new and this appears to be the authors first published novel! Well done! She’s definitely one to follow and I look forward to the next book! I enjoyed reading this historical tragic to hea love story and recommend it to others who also enjoy some dark and emotional content.
Happy Reading ♥️
Content: Adult, dark content talk of a rape as a child by a pox diseased man (no explicit description).

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