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Three wildly romantic tales of love set in Victorian Scotland. Get swept away by A Laird to Love.

Christmastide with My Captain

Can a wallflower find love?

Lady Emilia McDougal has watched love find each of her beloved sisters. When will it be her turn? She fears it will be never. Quiet and bookish, her shyness masks a fearless heart.

Captain Jack Andrews lost his love of the sea long ago, but he doesn't deserve to find the love of his life. Especially not with someone as stunning and kind as Emilia. When she saves his life, he wonders how she could ever think herself plain. If it were his place in life, he'd show her just how fascinatingly beautiful she is. But it isn't.

How long can he resist those tempting lips, soft smile, and heartfelt words? And what will her father, the Earl of Ravenscraig, do if Jack doesn't?

My Enemy, My Earl

Can two wounded souls find love?

Fleeing London, and scandal, Lady Clarissa Burton runs directly into the wife-hunting Earl of Dumfries while traveling on a rutted Scottish road. She wanted peace in Scotland, not a tall and brooding laird who makes her forget that handsome lords are nothing but trouble.

Having spent years of his life fighting English wars, Ewan McDougal, Earl of Dumfries, wants nothing to do with England, or its people, for as long as he lives. He wants a nice Scottish lass to warm his bed and raise a family. So why can't Ewan stop thinking about Lady Clarissa's pouty lips or her curves made for a man's hands? And what happened to her in London that has her running scared?

Heart of a Highlander

Will a spark between two childhood friends light into a flame…

Lady Fiona McDougal embodies the wild spirit of Scotland, untamed and free. If only her future could be the same, but she is bound by duty to marry well for the sake of the title. As her heart and necessity battle only one answer arrises time and again, Colin Campbell. But he is the one man who refuses to court her.

Colin has loved Fiona for as long as he can remember. Her fiery spirit and matching hair, fill him with a warmth that no other woman can match. But Colin's father has long made him promise that he will choose a wife for reasons other than love.

August 31
Tammy Andresen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

lfdykes ,

A wonderful collection

What can be better than a collection of stories by Tammy Andresen?

Christmas with My Captain
Love can be found in the most unusual places and sometimes it seems fate takes a hand. This is the case with Lady Emilia McDougal, who has no self esteem due to her beautiful sisters being married and she with no prospects. But as in most unusual situations, she is on the beach at her family castle when she rescues a Captain and some sailors from perishing when their ship tips in a storm. Captain Jack Andrews looks up and sees an angel as he is fished out of the water. As he spends time with Emilia, he sees a beautiful interesting woman and is immediately attracted to her. But he has some past secrets and feels unworthy of her affections. Emilia tries not to get her hopes up but feels a strong pull to Jack. A wonderfully written novella that warms the heart and gives hope to two souls who felt they did not deserve a lot out of life. In usual Tammy Andresen fashion, she always makes the characters and settings come alive.

My Enemy, My Earl
Tammy Andresen. Need I say more? Scotland, Braw Laird, Bonnie Lass, yes it has it all!! I read it through in one sitting which I knew would happen when I picked it up to read. Emotional characters, wonderful settings and a heart hurt from humiliation. Lady Clarissa Burton flees to her Scottish Uncle's to remove herself from the ton and find some peace. As fate would have it (and yes, we love that it does!), Ewan McDougal comes to her aid as her coach breaks down. Not being impressed with him, Clarissa makes it to her Uncles, glad to see her cousins. But who shows up but McDougal who has come to see if he and her cousin Fiona will suit and possibly wed.
As so often happens sparks fly between Ewing and Clarissa as each tries to fight their attraction. But there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye and I was enchanted and charmed until the last page. The big question Clarissa has for Ewing is what is under that kilt he wears? Seriously this is a story not to be missed. Cannot wait until the next book in this series and hope it is .... Well you will see!!

Heart of a Highlander
Second in the A Laird to Love series brings us Colin and Fiona who were introduced in "My Enemy, My Earl". The two had grown up together and were the best of friends, but times change as they are now adults. Fiona is being pressured by her father to marry and chose a suitor. There are several problems though! Her heart is already taken by Colin and she cannot find any feelings for any other suitor. Plus she will not be a biddable wife which is what most of them want! Colin has grown up being taught by his father that to love would destroy him so only marry someone that he will not feel strong affection. But Colin has the same problem as Fiona. He is having a hard time resisting his best friend that has grown into a beautiful strong minded woman! There are many factors at play in this story that is brought to life in the characters and emotions. The twist and turns will keep you turning the pages.
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