A Lennon Pastiche

Expressions from Fans of John Lennon

Sid Bernstein and Others
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Publisher Description

A Lennon Pastiche: Expressions from Fans of John Lennon is a fully immersive, interactive opus, chockful of art, music and poetry, culled from fans around the world. This is a pastiche, not a pistachio: there’s a mélange of music, a potpourri of paintings, a welter of words, a variety of videos, and a cornucopia of crazy stuff!

This book of tribute allows you to literally, virtually and symbolically touch John Lennon. Through music, words and art. As John so wisely and presciently penned, “Love is touch, touch is love.”

Contributors include author Judith Furedi, Lennon confidante May Pang, producer and promoter Sid Bernstein, Mad Magazine artist Tom Richmond, fine artist, restauranteur and toy designer Kevin Stark, Lennon roadie Ed Kleinman, and a plethora of other fans and friends of John Lennon.

    Arts & Entertainment
    January 28
    PANGEA Publishing

    Customer Reviews

    yoginimichelle ,

    I learned so much...

    I knew of aspects of John and his talents, but to have everything combined into an interactive digital book gave a very well-rounded perspective to his life. It really brought him to life! There has not been --to my knowledge-- any other book as comprehensive as this one! It is not to be missed, and well worth your investment! Even my daughter enjoyed looking through it.

    Benjamin Whitaker ,

    A must have for any Lennon fan!

    A Lennon Pastiche, is an interactive fan book for the iPad that invites people to cherish the wonders of former Beatle, John Lennon. There are interviews with fans that throw light on their love for John Lennon and his contribution to music.

    This eBook is a great example of what is possible with the eBook format. The rich graphics take advantage of the iPad's incredible screen.

    There are many wonderful inserted forms of media for you to enjoy
    throughout the eBook, including: Photos, Videos, and Music. It is thoughtfully illustrated throughout, and it also contains an interactive Art app, where you can instantly post your art work to Facebook.

    The eBook takes you through many memories from fans of how John Lennon affected and changed their lives. Overall the eBook leaves you thinking about how John Lennon may affected your own life.

    Benjamin Whitaker,

    Robert Whitaker Photography

    Tales&tunes ,

    For Lennon Lovers Everywhere

    A thoughtful, touching and insightful collection of response to a man who helped mold the way in which we perceive the power of music and verse today. More than thirty years after John Lennon was struck down leaving fans to tend to broken hearts in a combined state of sadness and confusion, "A Lennon Pastiche" is proof that his dower as a creator, musician, lover and influential anti-establishment rebel on a peace-pushing mission of mercy live on.
    With the publishing world rapidly changing and interactive material increasing in popularity, "A Lennon Pastiche" hits its mark in drawing the reader/listener/viewer into the creative forces inspired by John Lennon one touch at a time. Most interesting is the fact that many works included in this compilation of art, music, prose and reflection are penned or performed by fans far too young to remember Lennon as an individual of existence here on earth; proof his vital force remains in his legacy. "A Lennon Pastiche" is an artistic journey of the senses and excites the viewer at the possibilities in store as we venture into a new literary world.

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