A Letter from Lancaster County

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Two Sisters Get a Second Chance at Life and Love

Her mother's untimely death, a struggling marriage, a strained relationship with her sister, Rose, and regrets over what might have been haunt her. Despite being a wife and mother, she feels she has little to show for her life.

Still single, she longs for a husband and children. But Angela has all that and still isn't happy. Rose wants to be closer to her older sister, but she and Angela couldn't be more different. Both strong women, will their sibling rivalry ever end?
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When a letter arrives from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Angela and Rose decide to visit Aunt Silvia, their mother's Mennonite sister, in the heart of Amish country. This vacation could provide the opportunity both sisters need to sort out their issues. And yet instead of finding a new way of connecting with each other, Angela and Rose discover surprising family secrets that add to their strife and threaten Rose's romance with a new beau.

Through it all, the two sisters must find the faith necessary to face their personal problems and allow God to restore hope and healing to their hearts and relationship as only He can.

Fiction & Literature
June 27
Harvest House Publishers
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Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

First book in Lancaster Discoveries series!

A Letter from Lancaster County by Kate Lloyd is the first book in the Lancaster Discoveries series. Aunt Silvia writes a letter to her two nieces inviting them to visit her in Lancaster County. Angela and Rose take Aunt Silvia up on her invitation and leave their homes in Seattle. Angela is married to Frederick, an attorney, who spends most of his time working. Her two children are focused on their friends, cell phones, and video games. They are overly indulged by their parents. Angela feels a void in her life and envies Rose who is single. Rose owns a mail order business that sends out handmade bird houses, wind chimes, etc. out to customers. She is jealous of Angela with her husband and children. Both ladies are unhappy with their lives. The two sisters are very different and have never been close. This could be the perfect opportunity for the sisters to bond and grow closer. Aunt Silvia lives in the old family homestead and, upon exploration of the attic, the two sisters uncover secrets. This discovery further divides Rose and Angela. Will these two sisters find a way to come together? Why did Aunt Silvia invite Rose and Angela for a visit? Join Rose and Angela on their journey of discovery in A Letter from Lancaster County.

The writing in A Letter from Lancaster County is different from the books in Kate Lloyd’s Legacy of Lancaster trilogy. Reading this Amish novel is akin to slogging through a giant pool of mud. The pace was lethargic. I did not think I would ever finish the tome. The chapters alternate between Rose and Angela’s POV (first person). It was hard to tell which one was talking. The first 80% of the book is the two sisters whining, complaining, criticizing, insulting, blaming (reminds me of two bickering teenagers) and thinking. I did like the last 20% of the book, but I do not see many people making it that far in the book. There is a nice epilogue at the end of the book (best part of the book). I am rating A Letter from Lancaster County 2 out of 5 stars. While I disliked the sisters, I was a fan of Aunt Silvia. She had a good outlook on life. I really liked it when Aunt Silvia said, “accept our losses, make the best of them, and trust the Lord to guide us.” The Christian element is very light (almost nonexistent). The cover, though, for A Letter from Lancaster County is beautiful. There is a preview for Simply Delicious at the end of the book. It is the second book in the Lancaster Discoveries series. I did like the sample provided. It has me intrigued. I wish A Letter from Lancaster County had been as appealing.

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