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Fascinating, surprising, and compelling, A Little Book of Spirit Stories is a collection of first hand encounters with the paranormal. With insight and humor, Victoria Marina-Tompkins shares her experiences with ghostly apparitions, playful spirits, and voices outside the range of everyday perceptions, giving the reader a glimpse into the realm of the supernatural. A Little Book of Spirit Stories is an unforgettable journey into the mysterious world of the occult.

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September 21
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Customer Reviews

BellaHMB ,

Personal Stories of a Spiritual Teacher

"Have you ever sensed something you cannot "see" but feel its presence?? Victoria Marina Tompkins vividly tells how such events kept happening to her. Soon she was "tuning" into visions from other dimensions not easily seen by others until she was gradually able to "hear" direct messages leading her to become a full-blown channel to help others on their spiritual paths.

This book of spirit stories, well written and provocative, may encourage the reader to consider their own paranormal experiences and sense the portals that open to another dimension of seeing. It is a must read for anyone curious about interactions with unseen influences and how they may affect their own lives."

Lois Johnson, independent professional

TessaBlue ,

A little book with a lot of spirit!

Most of us live with both feet planted resolutely on Terra Firma. Others, however, live with one foot in the physical realm and one foot... someplace else. Victoria Marina-Tompkins is one such person, and clearly has the ability to walk in balance between natural and supernatural.

A Little Book of Spirit Stories is the latest offering by this talented and otherworldy author. An avid reader of her writings, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this one. However, I was hooked from the very first story. The anecdotes alternated between sweetly humorous and somewhat quirky. A couple of them were downright creepy and made me shiver. My favorite, Music to Their Ears, was a complete joy; I’ll read that one often.

No doubt about it; this little book is a big treat.

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