Book 5 - Guardians of the Isles

A Little Highland Magic

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To have a future, she must face her past…

Half human, half fairy, Aria traveled to the human realm seeking safety with her family, the powerful MacLeods, where she is welcomed and accepted as a warrior. But her happiness will be short-lived if they discover her inadvertent role in their beloved mother’s death and the kidnapping of their infant brother, Kieran, by the cruel fairy king. Still, Aria plans to right the wrong by rescuing Kieren, but traveling to the fairy realm is dangerous and potentially a betrayal, for she must use the legendary Fairy Flag and its one last miracle to barter Kieran’s release.

Graeme Duff and his ancestors have served as flag bearer and protectors of Clan MacLeod for centuries. It’s his duty to guard the Fairy Flag, and when the beautiful, fierce, and intriguing Aria proposes using the flag to negotiate Kieran’s freedom, Graeme suspects treachery. He determines to accompany her, vowing to ignore the passion she evokes.

Can two independent warriors learn to trust? Or are they risking the destruction of everything they know and love?

January 9
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

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Book: A Little Highland Magic
Author: Gerri Russell
Series: Guardians of the Isles, Book #5
Publisher: Tule
Page Length: 237
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
Blog Rating: 5/5 Saltire Flags

Dunvegan Castle
Isle of Skye, Scotland, 1743

The MacLeod saga continues:

In this novel it centers on Aria MacLeod who is a relative who is half human and half (fae) fairy. She escapes to her human family at Dunvegan Castle in Scotland to get away from the cruel leader King Oberon who tries to control her. He has punished her by separating her from her mother Pearl and half sister Gille. It was his cruel way of trying to get Aria to obey him and not escape Fairyland. Nothing worked plus for being only half fae and half human there was a lot of prejudice among the other fairies who physically and mentally abused her. It is why she learned to be a warrior in fairyland as she felt like she didn't belong anywhere!

The MacLeods have accepted Aria with open arms, however she lives with secrets and guilt fearing her new family will reject her once they find out the truth that she unintentionally caused their mothers death! Of course the MacLeods know their father had brain issues from an injury in battle which caused him to murder their mother. Aria has decided she wants to bring MacLeod's long lost brother Kieran home. He was stolen from the MacLeod’s by the Fairies when he was only three months old. Now he is a man as they had aged him immediately as fairies do not care for helpless infants. Plus he is the Fairy King’s favorite making him believe that he is his son.

How will she be able to get into Fairyland undetected? Aria also wants to free her fae sister Gille and mother Pearl who all have been separated from her. Now Aria is also falling for warrior and fairy flag protector Graeme Duff, but tries to keep him at a distance. As happiness is the one way the cruel fairy King will be able to detect her. She also is not aware that Graeme has fallen in love with Aria as he feels she is his equal in every way!

Graeme Duff and all his ancestors have been protecting the fairy flag for centuries. He has fallen for Aria MacLeod, is the only woman who has ever touched his heart. He is determined to win her heart no matter the cost. He is going to go with her to Fairyland, except she has kept more than one secret from Graeme that might destroy him. Will the King find out where Aria has been hiding? The last time he took an infant. Will the vengeful King put the MacLeod children at risk again or will they need the fairy flag to rescue them? On top of that they have the English sniffing about. Do Graeme and Aria even have a chance at love? Will they even survive all the fairy shenanigans? Read and find out in this brilliant spellbinding book!

Again I absolutely loved this phenomenal book. I especially loved all paranormal elements, especially fairy eating frogs! You will have to read this book to find out what I mean. I was scared when I read that the year was 1743, since I do know my Scottish history. This is when bonnie Prince Charles Stuart devises a plan with a jacobite army to attack England to regain the throne for his family. Well we all know how that turns out and I wonder if Ms Russell will put the Battle of Culloden in any of her future books? I guess I will have to hold my breath and find out. Plus in a paranormal historical anything can happen! This is definitely one of my favorite books in the series although I have loved every single one! I can’t wait to read the next book in this dazzling series! A book readers do not want to miss!

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