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Caiphus Tesano and SyBilla Ramsey lead extraordinary lives. They operate in a world few would have the desire or courage to make their livings in. Not many could so impressively navigate a world such as theirs. As top operatives in Vestige; among the most covert investigative organizations in the world, Caiphus and SyBilla are known for their almost supernatural instincts and perception. The two are at the top of their game. They must remain there, for they are on the verge of vanquishing a monster they’ve spent their careers chasing. Such a reality should have Caiphus and SyBilla basking in the anticipation of triumph. Instead, the tough-as-nails duo is wrought with emotion induced by years of hard work and little time to explore the electric attraction that exists between them.
Caiphus knows that much of Bill’s reluctance to give into what they both want has to do with the fact that he’s not only her colleague, but also her boss. In his capacity as head of Vestige, Caiphus has often found himself in a position to wield his considerable influence for the purposes of making sure that Bill’s risky job never becomes too risky. His interference on that regard has placed him on the losing end of her affections more than once. Through it all, her love for him as remained. Things are occurring now however that will again stir Caiphus’ need to interfere and SyBilla’s need to avoid that whatever the cost. The Ramsey Tesano saga barrels toward a spectacular finish that will extinguish a scandal generations in the making while revisiting ghosts that SyBilla may have to risk her life to defeat.

November 23
AlTonya Washington
Smashwords, Inc.

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