A Man and His Pet

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Many people have said that there is more than one dimension existing in our universe. Our story involves a young girl named Sam, who lives in a society that exists in an alternate dimension that parallels our society. However, the norms and mores are somewhat different. Her real name is Samantha, but she will only respond if you call her Sam. She is an independent little cuss and often finds herself in trouble because of her devious ways.
She is on her way to the beach one day to spend her spring vacation with her friends when someone causes her to have an accident. The patrol officer is not happy with her questions, and when he does a background check, finds that she has not registered with the state when she turned eighteen. This is a severe violation of the law. He takes her to a jail where they incarcerate her for several days. They finally release her with instructions to report on a certain date to undergo a physical examination and register with the state.

When she reports, they remove all the hair on her body except the hair on her head. They embed a bar code on the outside of her left breast to identify her, and implant a tracking device to locate her if she leaves town. After this, they release her. They tell her to appear in a few weeks to attend a two-week training course to prepare her to be naked in public. There, she will learn to be obedient to an eventual owner who will be responsible for her as she lives her life I this society.
She attends the training course with another girl who has become her friend. Afterwards, they begin to adapt to this new way of life. Neither of them is anxious to become someone’s pet, and be under their control. Both of them attempt to evade such a life.
One evening, quite accidentally, Sam meets Tom, a handsome young man who is in the process of purchasing a country estate with pastures, woods, and river access. She plots to be with Tom and, eventually, they get to know each other. Sam does all she can do to become his pet and get around the court ordered auction.
Tom has his hands full to tame this devious little pest and falls head over heels in love with her. Her training and indoctrination has modified her behavior, and she always wants to remain naked and be satisfied.
Tom helps her to sell all of her possessions and move in with him on the estate to be his pet. She cannot get over the thought of getting rid of all her clothes, but Tom has a way of getting her to be obedient and follow his instructions.
She gives up her way of life, and gradually accepts the life of a pet. She becomes a devoted pet to Tom and they are inseparable in life. The story follows the twists and turns of their relationship until the very end.

Fiction & Literature
November 3
Daniel de Vale
Draft2Digital, LLC

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