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Growing up on a ranch, Nora learned the value of hard work. But now she's worried a childhood punching cattle didn't prepare her for adult life in the modern world.

It's not that Nora doesn't love the Tipped Z. She wouldn't trade her childhood starting colts and driving cattle through sagebrush for anything. But between her close-knit family, the endless work, and the hours in the scorching sun, she feels like she has to fight for the space to be herself.

So when Nora's boyfriend, Ted, encourages her to take a job for the TruGlide Corporation advertising their patented reining shoes, she thinks it will be a good change. What she doesn't count on is how demeaning the work will feel. That would be bad enough on it's own. What's worse is Ted is thrilled, clearly thinking she's the perfect fit for the role.

While she's stuck in a job she's beginning to loathe, Nora's lifelong crush, Wyatt, agrees to help out at the Tipped Z to fill in for her absence. Every time Nora and Wyatt are together the sparks seem to fly. But Wyatt has a history of leaving. His life as a roving colt starter makes him hard to pin down. Despite his allure and the chemistry between them, Nora knows better than to think she could change him.

Unless, of course, Nora doesn't know Wyatt as well as she thinks she does.


A Man Who Starts can be read as a stand-alone novel, but it is the second book in the Tipped Z series. These novels combine horsemanship, family, love, and the Tucson desert into thoughtful, heart-warming reads.

Fiction & Literature
April 28
Brown Wing Press
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