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Be prepared to smile, swoon, and sigh in Christi Caldwell's latest Heart of a Scandal installment where a matchmaker firmly on the shelf is about to fall head over heels for her best friend's younger brother. 

She lives by a strict set of rules…
Meredith Durant believes those who won't marry, matchmake, and she's made a notable career for herself helping young women find the perfect mate. Having suffered a broken heart years before, she's quite content in her work and determined to never fall prey to love again. Her most recent job finds her working for the unlikeliest of households, never expecting her assignment would be her best friend's younger brother, Barry—who's not so little anymore. He's a grown man who leaves her breathless and wishing just maybe this time she could have a happy ending. But how can that happen when, once her job is done, she must watch him wed another?

He's decided to break her rules: 
Barry Aberdeen, the future Duke of Gayle, knew his days of freedom were numbered. With his sister recently married, his mother turned her marital aspirations to him. She's even gone as far as to hire a matchmaker. Worse, the matchmaker is a childhood friend--Meredith Durant. Only the rigid, serious creature is not the carefree girl he remembered. If he's going to be saddled with a matchmaker, he's going to have fun loosening Meredith's too-tight chignon. What he doesn't expect is how entranced he'll be when those strands come falling down around her shoulders.

The Heart of a Scandal Series Includes:
Prequel Novella--In Need of a Knight 
Schooling the Duke
A Lady's Guide to a Gentleman's Heart
A Matchmaker for a Marquess

June 25
Christi Caldwell
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sissymae68 ,

Loved it

A Matchmaker for a Marquess by Christi Caldwell is book Three in The Heart of a Scandal Series. This is the story of Barry Aberdeen and Meredith 'Mare' Durant. I did feel this could be a standalone book if you wish to do so. We do get to see some past characters so that is always a bonus for me!
Meredith's father worked for the Duke of Gayle which lead her to be best friends with his daughter Emilia and friends with her little brother Barry. But then her father health to a turn and Meredith left the only home she really knew along with her friends. Now in the present (several years later) Meredith is a Matchmaker with a successful reputation, but her heart is harden to love for herself. Barry is to inherit his father's title, the Duke of Gayle. Barry knows now that his sister is married, his mother is turning her eye to him to make a match. Meredith ends up being hired by the Duchess of Gayle to find her son Barry a wife. Barry is just a few years younger than Meredith who acts so much different than the Meredith he used to know...he sets out to loosen her tightly tide attitude. Of course feelings start to become engaged which can only lead to hurt Meredith thinks but of course love always wins in the end.
Loved this story and I cannot say how big a fan I am of Ms. Caldwell's writing. Although this was somewhat lighter in story it still moved me like no other author can do. If you haven't read a book by Ms. Caldwell then you are missing some great stories....I highly recommend her books.

cornerchick ,

A Matchmaker for a Marquess

After some dark, heavy books from Christi Caldwell she delights us with a lighthearted, feel good book. We first meet Barry, younger brother to Emilia, in A Lady’s Guide to a Gentleman’s Heart, where we get a glimpse of this charming mischievous rogue who defends his older sister like a true gentleman. Meredith is first seen In Need of a Knight, one of Aldora’s childhood friends, who has also know Barry since he was a baby. Inevitably life happens and Meredith moves away, eventually having to make her way in the world alone. Until a chance meeting with a handsome, charming rogue she knew as a boy, Barry. The Duchess of Gayle is determined to see her son married & settled organizes her usual summer house party with a twist. Meredith a well known Matchmaker reluctantly takes the job offered by the Duchess. As you can imagine mischief & fun ensues when Barry finds out why she is there. He makes a deal with Meredith and through their time spend together she learns to enjoy life again and together they fall in love. This was such an enjoyable read, Christi’s characters touch your heart and you root for them to get their Happy Ever After. She writes from the heart. I cannot recommend this book enough, you don’t have to have read any of her books before this could be your first but be warned you will want to read her others after this.

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