A Mess of Reason

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There are three sides to our story: mine, hers, and the truth.
This is happens every time I’m with him...eyes wandering, mouths craving, fingers stealing touches. Heartbeats tripping.
I want one woman: my best friend, Tess Harlow, the stone cold fox that spins my universe. Instead I’m dating a pop rock icon that checks her reflection in the back of her spoon.
I want one man: my best friend, Scout Steele, the number one country music crossover artist of our generation. He put the words hell-raiser-hot on the map. Instead I’m marrying his nemesis.
I crossed the line…she short-circuits my heart.
He crossed the line; I’m on the same page…sadly, in a different book.
Fifteen years is a long time to keep the secret she’s held from me. The gloves are coming off now.
It’s a dicey proposition he’s offering, but I can’t do it. I’m living a double standard. I’ve got a roadblock.
I want her. I’m taking her! I’m calling it ‘damage control’.
My compass points only to him. Too bad I’m travelling in the other direction.
I’m about to give her that knock-you-flat feeling.
Then he gives me that go-for-broke feeling.
Maybe she doesn’t love me. And maybe I don’t believe her.

"Witty", "romantic", "sexy" and "soul-swelling". An addictive heartfelt novel with a bold voice that will have you laughing out loud one minute then grabbing for tissue the next. An unforgettable romance with twists so emotionally wrought and endearing that they’ll make you weep. Get ready to carve out a chunk of your heart for Scout and Tess’s genuinely moving best-friend-turned-lover romance. This is an “I love you” like you’ve never read before. It’s not a story, it’s a sexy romance novel game changer.

July 2
A. Wilding Wells
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

lab9197 ,

Where can I find a Scoute

This is the first book I have read by this author. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. But once it got to the big reveal the story picked up. It was told by alternating POV. Scout and Tess attended school together and have known each other for years. They have a very strong, powerful friendship. For years they have loved each other. However neither one of them ever said anything. Timing never seemed right. Every time Scout was in between girlfriends, Tess had a boyfriend and vice versa. So here it is 10 years later. Tess returned home to help Scout with a high tech concert. But again they are both involved with other people. Scout has a girlfriend and Tess has a fiancée. Scout does not want Tess to get married. While he doesn’t do anything to sabotage it, he does begin to finally let her see his true feelings for her. But Tess has a secret. One she has never shared with anyone, including her best friend Scout. When he finds out he is not only devastated but also hurt that she did not trust him enough to tell him. He told her no matter how she looked he still loved her. The author does a good job describing the injury. You can almost picture what it looks like. I really didn’t like the way Tess behaved. She gets upset her fiancée cheated on her. But she really was not any better. Scout and her did things while they were stranded that would be considered cheating on her part. I don’t think she ever really loved her fiancée. She just wanted to be married and have kids. She knows if she stays with him she does not have to reveal her secret. If she stayed with Scout he would demand everything of her, including seeing every part of her both inside and out. When he did learn what her secret was his feelings never changed. While I loved the way Scout expressed his feelings for Tess, I thought it was too sugary sweet. I am not sure what man talks like this. Overall it was an ok book. I would probably give this author’s books another read.

Unbound Passion ,

He's Waited a Lifetime for His Best Friend's Love

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ FOUR-STAR ✩ REVIEW ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

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Judging a Book by it's Cover:
Naked male lying in bed with sheet strategically placed to cover the essential parts. Diagonal cut into cover creates opaque half for no apparent reason.
Looking Deeper:
Alternating first-person POVs, clearly defined and easy to follow. The writing style of this book is, however, more unique than just simply being from one's POV. It's done more as if the character is narrating to the reader as a confidante; on familiar terms, conversing in that almost-shorthand type of speaking that we tend to do when we are comfortable with a person. Her thoughts and narratives feel a little more structured and articulate, whereas his are - for a lack of better terms - slouchy. Scout and Tess have been lifelong best friends and the level of intimacy between them already borders on inappropriate. But with Tess marrying soon, Scout's desperation mounts... both are in love with the other but communication, while flirty and often honest, the one BIG truth is often omitted. They begin crossing lines and boundaries, millimeters at a time but more often than not. Secondary characters are varied and add depth and conflict to the story without trying to take over the plot. The plot can be a little slow at times, concentrating on too many details of an event or encounter, but the witty and unusual narration keeps things entertaining. The writing flow feels much smoother once you approach the book with a conversational outlook. The conflicts probably would have been nearly non-existent if they'd have learned to communicate and trust in one another better. The conclusion very good; solid and satisfying. There were a few fun surprises and some minor predictability.
Despite the lower scores that I see this book getting from others, I'd like to note that this really is not that bad of a story. Scout is lovable and seeing Tess transform and her journey in getting there is wonderful. I would have loved to have seen what became of Creed, although he really did not deserve further thought, I'd have loved to have seen him suffer somehow.

Rating: [R] ~ Score: 4.0 ~ Stars: 4

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