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AN INVITATION TO THE BALL…By Fifteen of Your Favorite Historical Romance Authors! You are cordially invited to the most anticipated event of the Season — Lord and Lady Whitwell’s annual ball! This year’s theme is the most extravagant yet…A Midsummer Night’s Dream, filled with fairytale gardens and fantastical costumes, sparkling champagne, and heartwarming romance. Opportunities abound for secret trysts in the shadows of moonlit walks, mistaken identities, delicious unmaskings, and perhaps even a magical spell or two. But one thing is certain—fifteen pairs of hearts will never be the same again. Enjoy this collection of never-before-released novellas by your favorite historical romance authors: Grace Burrowes, Erica Ridley, Ella Quinn, Jennifer Ashley, May McGoldrick, Sabrina York, Bronwen Evans, Jade Lee, Anna Harrington, Madeline Martin, Elizabeth Essex, Eileen Dreyer, Alyssa Alexander, Heather Snow, and Gina Conkle

May 18
Rose Garden Books
Dee Ann Harrington

Customer Reviews

Reader Aloha ,

Quite a collection

This is an amazing collection of stories centering around one night of a masquerade ball. Each is a stand alone story, and some focus more on the ball than others. Some of the stories are written with the characters entirely focused on the ball and its activities, others have the ball as a scene more in the background. There are stories of the lords and ladies attending the ball, as well as those that serve those attending or play a part on the periphery. It’s really a terrific, well-rounded collection, written by some of the best Regency authors in the genre. I received a complimentary copy of this collection. This is my freely given, honest review.

Peg1951 ,

Great Collection

This is a great collection of 15 feel-good stories and happily ever afters by 15 awesome authors. They are all connected to the Whitwell masquerade ball.

In Erica Ridley’s A Match Unmasked, Kitty Stanley and Nathaniel Baxter will settle the hurt between them (he stood her up at her debut) and have a second chance at love. That is if Nathaniel’s mother has anything to do with it. It may not happen at once, but Nathaniel is determined to apologize and try to start anew. This is a sweet story of forgiveness and moving forward.

Anna Harrington’s One Enchanted Evening takes place next door to the Whitwells when a little girl wanders into Mason Granger’s garden to watch the fireworks. Nora follows Emmaline and finds her just in time to see her pet Mason’s dog Brutus and hear her say “Fluppy,” the first word she has spoken in eighteen months. Mason is taken with mother and daughter almost immediately. This kind, caring, and understanding man may be just what is needed to help Emmeline find her voice and bring the light to Nora’s eyes. Truly heartwarming.

Jennifer Ashley’s A Kiss for Luck is the story of thrice-widowed Gemma Cooke and confirmed bachelor Lord Guy Lovell. This one is full of humor. After Guy sort of rescues Gemma from the unwanted attention of another man, they somehow become an item. Gemma’s friend, aunt, and stepdaughter pick right up on this and do everything they can to match these two up. There is some courting, a lot of kissing, a bit of rivalry, and a possible duel. Never a dull moment. Fun and romance.

In Grace Burrowes’s Love Disguised, Rupert and Mary attend the Whitwell’s party disguised as a footman and a maid. Each of them was supposed to be trying to find and learn a little about the person to whom they are betrothed. They are, unbeknownst to them, doing just that. What will happen when they meet as the Earl of Esterly and Lady Sefton? A happy surprise, a delightful courtship, and happily ever after. Sigh…

An invitation to the Whitwell Ball is definitely a good thing.

Rt2025 ,

A midsummer nights dream

I’ve just read some of the best stories. Different couples meet at the same masquerade house party. Great romances with fairies and dukes to footman and ladies of means.
The awaking of Lady flora- Flora has lost her husband. Little does she know that her and her husbands best friend is in love with her. Now she has to see if she can open her heart again. 5*
A match unmasked- Misunderstandings pull apart two old friends that had secretly loved each other since they were children. A mask ball brings them back together. Wonderful story.

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