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Jaded by love, Suzanna Simms has resigned herself to focusing on her art business. But with Christmas quickly approaching, she receives word that her family is returning to Marietta. And Suzanna failed to mention that her latest relationship had ended abruptly. Now she’ll have to admit to her family that she failed at love—again. 

Enter Sergeant Jake Hamilton, a new resident to Marietta and Suzanna’s next door neighbor. He's not looking for anything permanent, he's just passing through Marietta for the Christmas season, hoping to keep to himself. But when Suzanna's family mistakenly assumes that Jake's her boyfriend, he agrees to continue the charade. 

Suzanna is certain she's immune to his rugged good looks and sexy smile until they find themselves standing under the mistletoe. When Jake finds her kiss sweeter than her sugar cookies, he knows he's in trouble. But it's too late by then... the Christmas charade is on.

December 19
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

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ltladyz ,


Marietta, Montana maybe a fictional town but it sure has a real way of drawing you into it’s heart just like you are part of the town yourself. Whether you have read one book based in this delightful town , ten, or this is your first trip into this snow filled, chocolate loving, cowboy yummy little haven, one you sit a spell and relax with “ A Mistletoe Kiss” I think you will see why so many of us have adopted this fictional town as our own.

In this book we get to know Suzanna Simms and Jake Hamilton. Now, like most small towns Marietta has the local group that plays “telephone “. You remember that game right.... one person says something to the next person and it gets passed on and on. In small towns news spreads like wildfire that way. Good,bad, and even news that ain’t nobodies business out the two involved. Get the idea? Poor gal got stood up at the alter by a no neck and lost her boyfriend. Then this hottie moves in next door. Only he he has no idea what is going on . Well except for the sizzling electricity between them.
Oh I do enjoy a good book that has more to it than just finding love. There are messages in this book. Good ones. One is having me look for a therapy dog since mine passed. I look forward to many more moments from Ms Faye. This brightened my holiday and is a book I will re-read again and again.

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