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Alyssa Bryant has led a life doing everything to live up to the Bryant name. The one thing that she always wanted was to be able to have raised the child of the man that she gave her heart to when she was younger. Her destiny wasn’t to have that child and she hasn’t been able to completely heal from that loss. She now has Marcus Graham in her life and loves everything about him. A part of her is holding back because of this secret that she is keeping; fearful of his reaction. Marcus Graham has been classified as a “momma’s boy” for most of his life. He’s had to step up and be the man of the house. His father was lost to them long ago. His mother, Antonia, has been his rock and shield all his life. The only problem is she is refusing to let go and allow him to lead his life. The man that he is has grown tired of that dynamic. Life gets fairly interesting when she meets the woman he believes he could spend the rest of his life with. Antonia refuses to let go of her belief that Alyssa is hiding something. Alyssa knows that Marcus’ mother doesn’t like her, but she also knows that she and Marcus were meant to be together. Everyone has secrets. It’s just that hers is one that might just knock their socks off. A chance encounter will bring on a whole new world of confusion that only a mother could explain.

Fiction & Literature
February 4
Life in "E" motion
Draft2Digital, LLC

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