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A Nature Photography Manifesto takes a new look at photography and nature photography today. It is designed to challenge the status quo and help photographers find new and fresh ways of sharing nature through their photography. It looks at how we can go beyond simply taking pretty pictures and why that can be so important to both the photographer and to nature. The book discusses how the words we use to describe our photography can affect how we photograph. It also includes a section on making engaging photos and a section on how photos heal. The book is a modern e-book with multimedia included.

Arts & Entertainment
October 29
Robert Sheppard

Customer Reviews

Clay Bolt ,

Thought provoking read

This is the type of book that is sorely needed in nature photography. Rob Sheppard has presented his readers with a thought provoking work that goes beyond "how to make photos in nature" into, more importantly, the "why." The central message of the book is that nature exists all around us and not just in designated areas like national parks and preserves. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, "A nature photography manifesto" is worth checking out!

drabenau ,

New thoughts on nature photograph

For a little book, this one surely packs a punch. It made me think again about what the purpose of nature photography is (I was one of those who vacation one or twice a year "to do nature photography"). Additionally, the book is beautifully put together as an iBook, and is very engaging.

Zonan ,

Step back and think...

Rob Sheppard's latest ebook is a solid read for nature photographers both new and old. His premise that nature is all around us, not just in iconic national parks, and that we should not "hang up our cameras" if we are not near one, is most welcome. He tells us not to focus on the iconic shots, but to listen to nature, to take a moment to look around, choose the view, connect with the scene. It's a welcome tonic to read something as thought-provoking and useful as this book, and I recommend it to potential readers.
The ebook is fully-featured for reading on the iPad, with embedded photos, videos, etc. It is not simply a paper book digitized, and this makes it a helpful learning tool.

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